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What would cause a heater core to go out 4 times in 4 years on a 1996 Ford Mustang?

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How is it failing? leak, plugged etc.? There is a technical service bullitin regarding this : # 01-15-6. Essentially it has to do with most Ford products. There may be a ground problem, or lack of coolant flushes. You can get the complete service bulletin at this address:

2005-02-01 10:33:47
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How would one change a heater coil on a 1998 V6 Ford Mustang?

A Ford Mustang does not have a heater coil. You must be thinking of your home HVAC.

Would the fuse in the heater relay cause the heater to leak into the car?


What would cause 2001 mustang cobra to not start?

its got toothpaste in the carby

Would bad heater core cause car to sputter?


What would cause a water heater to leak inside the case?

It rusted out

Why would a 1997 Mustang have only medium and high speed on the heater fan?

Check the resistor pack on the evaporator case under the hood

Would the water pump cause low heat from heater?

a bad water pump could cause low heat. The heater uses the coolant from the pump to generate heat.

What would cause a car heater to not get hot?

low water, bad thermostat, vacuum door not working, clogged up heater core, heater valve broken........

In a 1998 Ford Mustang what would cause the loss of radio speedometer and power locks?


What would cause the floorboard to be soaking wet on a Pontiac Grand Prix?

windshield leaking heater core or heater core hoses.

97 mustang vs 88 mustang who will win?

97 mustang! would

What would cause you to lose heat in your 1999 Chevy silverado if your thermostat and heater core are both good?

Your heater relay switch may be bad

How do you fix a serious Block Heater leak on your 1992 V8 Mustang do you tighten or replace it?

I would check all the hoses if they are all tight I would go ahead and replace it due to age.

What would cause the anti-lock light to turn on in a 1994 mustang gt?

There are many reasons why the anti-lock light would turn on in a 1994 Ford Mustang GT. One reason are bad ABS sensors.

What would cause the heater in a 1997 Taurus not to work even after you drained the radiator changed thermostat and added new coolant?

the heater core could be pluged or the heater control valve is stuck closed

Can driving with no coolant cause heater core to go out?

It can do far worse, such as destroy your engine block. I wouldn't worry about your heater core, I would worry about your Engine.

What would cause heater quit working on 1977 Chevy Camaro?

Check fuse if the blower is not working. If it is then replace your heater core. if its not then replace your fan switch.

What would cause a 1997 cadillac catera to leak antifreeze pr water behind the passenger side front tire?

Heater hose or heater core.

Why would steam come out of the heater if heater core is good?

no.....the heater would have to be leaking

What would cause my Lincoln 2001 heater not put heat in the car?

low coolant? Bad thermostat? Climate control not sensing proper temperature? Heater core plugged or restricted? Heater core airbound?

What would cause a 2003 ford mustang to lose power then engine runs rough now?

Pressure test the convertor.

What would cause a water heater to accumulate water between the tank and the case?

Condensation Or the tank rusted out

What would cause heater to stop blowing on 2006 caravan?

Fuse, switch, speed resistor or motor.

Can a catalytic converter that's plugged cause a car too not have heat?

No, that would have no effect on the heater system.

What would cause car heater to stop working?

Need to know what it is not doing, post more info.