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this happened to me....maybe same thing. on first day of purchase, i tried boiling water and was so sad it did not. realized that power level was 0 even if time was on. hope this may help.

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βˆ™ 2006-08-19 01:41:46
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Q: What would cause a microwave to turn on but not heat?
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If you put a magnet in a microwave and turn it on will it cause damage to the microwave?


What energy is wasted in a microwave?

Electric energy. Some turn to heat in the machine, some turn to noise.

What would cause the axel bolt on a Honda motorcycle to turn blue?

Extreme Heat

How do you heat soup?

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Can you put dentures in the microwave oven?

Of course you can. But it would not be a good idea to turn it on.

How do you turn heat into electricity?

Steam turbines produce electricity which in turn would be heat=electricity.

What will happen if you turn on a microwave with nothing in it?

the microwave will get really hot

Why does cheese turn purple if you microwave it?

I have never had cheese turn purple when I microwave it. Sounds like b.s.

Why will your microwave not heat but will turn on?

It sounds like the magnetron is burned up. It will probably be cheaper to replace the microwave. If it's new, then take advantage of the factory warranty or take it back to the dealer you bought it from.

What cause your car to have no heat?

Generally, the cause is a thermostat that is stuck open. A good way to test is to turn the heater control to off for a few minutes, then turn on and see if you have heat. If you do, you need a new thermostat.

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if you apply to much heat to it can cause the copper to pool at the heat source. this happens because of the different melting temperature between the 2 metals. silver usually has about 7.5% copper in it.

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