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It sounds like you're allergic to something. Talk to a doctor as soon as possible if the condition hasn't gone away. Allergic reactions can be very dangerous so don't underestimate it.

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Q: What would cause a rash that looks like hundreds of mosquito bites all over arms legs hands and feet?
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If a hamster bites you what shuold you do?

If a hamster bites you you should wash your hands then hold it again. Alyays wash your hands before touching an animal.

How do people get the disease?

Diseases often enter through the mouth or nose. That's why we should wash our hands before eating. Some diseases get inside your skin through an animal bite. We can get rabies from a dog bite, and malaria and dengue from mosquito bites. We can get typhus from louse bites. And so on.

What do you use to kill mosquito?

Use your hands in a clapping motion.

What are theses small watery filled bug bites on your hands and feet?

The best way to determine the cause of a bite on your hands and feet is to speak with a professional. Also check with your physician to be sure that it is in fact a bug bite.

Are red ant bites dangerous?

Not their bites, but it is their sting. Red ants can inject venom into their bites, making the infection more serious. Their stings can be potent depending on their size. Do not squish them with your bare-hands.

I've got a new 6 month old Border collie Lab mix who bites my hands I can't seem to stop her and I'm the only one she bites how do I redirect her biting from my hands to toys?

put butter or hot sause in your hands a few times and she will stop

What can cause Pins and needles in hands?

The cause for pins and needles in the hands is a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. It can cause pain in the hands and loss of grip.

How do you know if it's rabbit or squirrels eaten your zucchini?

Squirrels have small curved bites, but rabbits have teared off bites, like when you try to break it with your hands.

Why caterpillars should not be collected in bare hands?

because of this little midget in its hair that bites you

How should you handle your hamster?

if your Hamsters bites you. If your hamster Bites you can Buy cream that u put on your hands that will send a nasty taste not harming your hamster but stoping it biteing you.

What is the cause of herpeas?

It can be cause by not washing your hands and masturbate with dirty hands. or just be born with it. when ever i masturbate i wash my dirty hands.

Why are child's hands swollen?

Could be many reasons..from a mosquito bite to a provide details

What is the effect of liquid mosquito repellent on human bodies?

As long as used properly, the effect of liquid mosquito repellent on human bodies is good. You should not apply the repellent to the hands of young children.

What animals have the worst bites?

IN terms of germs and potential disease the answer is Humans, hands down....Followed by pigs

What is the most bitten part of the human body?

the hands. although the arms also recieve a lot of bites.

What could cause severe itching and swelling of the hands and feet?

what can cause severe itching and swelling of the hands and feet

Why does alcohol cause swollen hands?

There are various reasons that alcohol can cause swollen hands. For example, this is because of the fact that it can cause edema, or fluid retention.

What causes itchy and swollen hands?

Poison ivy, oak, and sumac Insect bites Insect stings

Can bleach on your hands cause miscarriage?

No it can not.

When you crack your knuckles do your hands swell?

No. Cracking your knuckles does not cause your hands to swell.

Can writing on your hands cause damage?

yes writing on your hands can cause damage because the ink in the pen can go in to your skin and you can get blood poisening.

Can dry eyes cause tingling on the left side of head and hands?

No. Dry eyes do not cause tingling of the left side of head and hands.

What is the reason for sweating in palms of hands?

cause when you pop a woody, your hands sweat from jerkin it.

Parasites some conditions may cause infections to the feet and hands?

parasites that ;undert some conditions can cause infections to the feet and hands are called

How do you get a hamster out of its cage?

you open the door of the cage and cup your hands and try to pick him up from underneath if he/she bites you use gloves or a towel