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What would cause a squeak when turning the steering wheel to the right?


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2004-08-04 12:13:16
2004-08-04 12:13:16

One or both of your cv boot/s is torn or has a hole in it. the cv boot keeps the drive shaft lubricated and dirt/debris out of the gears that turn your wheels. chances are that you might already need a new half shaft.


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A Trailblazer that squeaks only when turning to the left could have a problem with the steering or front wheel bearing. Turning to the left puts the right pressure on the parts to cause them to squeak.

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Many things can cause that, the simplest cause being lack of power steering fluid.

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Try checking the power steering fluid. My taurus did the same thing until i filled the power steering fluid.

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Most likely the steering linkage. (Tie rod ends etc. ) They are short of grease. Have the front end checked. If the parts are original Ford, then you will be unable to grease them, just replace them if they are worn.

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Does this squek vary with speed? When stopped and turning right does it squeak? More info is needed

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