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A loose belt is the most likely culprit, when you press on the gas all of a sudden the engine will respond quickly but a belt driven component like the alternator will give resistance thus causing the squeal.

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When will a bad throw out bearing make noise?

A bad throw out bearing will make noise when the clutch pedal is pushed down.

What would cause a 94 Ford Escort to make loud noise when pushing the gas pedal after hitting a pothole on the freeway?

Does the noise happen all the time you push on the gas pedal or only at certain speeds?

What could cause your 1993 Saturn to bog down when the gas pedal is pushed?

Start by checking the fuel pressure.

Why does your car make a noise when step on the pedal?

When the turbo winds up it can make a whistling sound when a driver steps on the pedal. A loose part can also cause a rattling sound when the pedal is used.

What would cause the brake pedal to vibrate hard with noise when braking on a Rover 414i and how can you fix it?

A vibrating brake pedal is an indication of a warped rotor. Noise is common to disk brakes but depending on the noise it can mean that the brake pads are worn out and you are due for a brake job.

Loud squealing noises when you let off the clutch pedal?

could be the throw out bearing

Why After heavy rain brake pedal squeak?

Breaks will often squeak when they are wet, such as after a heavy rain, on a humid day, or on a foggy morning. The water prevents the pads from properly grabbing the rotors. This causes the squealing noise.

What pedal in the car is pushed to make the car go faster?

The pedal in the car you push to go faster is the accelerator pedal.

How can you tell a worn clutch thrust bearing on a 2001 Saturn SC1?

It will be noisy, squeaking or squealing coming from the trans, and you may feel roughness or vibration through the clutch pedal when holding it in, it may also give you a little extra resistance when pushed.

When you push the brake pedal i hear noise?

Do you mean when you push the pedal " hard " you hear noise..........if so could be the ABS..........if not, then please have your brakes checked for safety.

Noises when you push gas pedal?

ticking noise when the gas pedal is pressed in a 2005 ford ranger

When you step on the brake pedal of your 1998 Jeep Cherokee there is a hissing noise and the car is difficult to stop What would cause that condition?

Your brake booster is malfunctioning

Fiesta brake lights permanently on?

Brake pedal switch bent or loose on its bracket under the pedal? Carpet pushed under the pedal pressing against the switch?

What would cause the brake light switch fuse to blow on a 2001 jeep grand Cherokee when ever the brake pedal is pushed?

A short in the brake light circuit.

What would cause a rattling noise when you press the gas pedal harder in Mazda Protege 2000?

an air leak in your intake will cause the engine to rattle. Protege's intake hoses are prone to cracking.

Why is your gas pedal squeaking?

Try spraying the pedal linkage with wd40 or something similar and see if the noise goes away.

Why does a Ford focus make a loud noise when pressing on the gas pedal When you let up on the gas pedal the noise stops its makes you think the muffler but it is from the engine not the exhaust pipe?

Check your catalytic converter.

How can I get my Brake lights to turn off?

Follow the brake pedal up behind the dash. The pedal arm ususally operates a button that turns on the lights when the pedal is pushed. The button could be stuck.

Honda civic cx 1995 when the gas pedal is pushed it does not respond?

get a better car

How do you stop my clipless bicycle pedals from making a clicking noise when i pedal?

Depends on where the clicking is coming from. If it's from the pedal axle, it may be adjustable. If it isn't, you need a new pedal.

2000 Mazda B3000 and when you are going down the street it is making a squealing noise could it be the brakes and when I step on the brakes it also make a noise?

Sounds like it is time for new brake pads, you should take it in and and have them replaced before you damage your rotors. I think --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most likely you have a caliper that is not releasing. I am replacing both calipers and pads tomorrow on my 1997 B2300 SE. My right caliper would squeal until I touched the break pedal but start squealing again. I drove it this way for 6 mos. till the pads were gone.

What would cause a rattling noise like rocks in a can when pressing on the gas pedal at a low speed?

You could be very low on oil, check your oil and add to the full line.

Why do you get a clicking noise when you press the brake pedal?

you most likely have low brake fluid or if it stops fine its just an annoying noise

When brake pedal is pushed what lights must come on?

The brilliant red stop light will come on

More clearly What makes the clicking noise on the right side of the 1986 Ford Ranger when pressing on the accelerator while in park?

your first mistake you pushed on the gas pedal while you were in park you can mess your transmition up that why but it sounds like a carrier barring