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main shaft bearing

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Q: What would cause a squealing sound after prematurely grinding a manual transmission truck into gear while accelerating?
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Grinding and squealing noise from car?

More likely the bearings in your alternator wearing out. Get a new alternator.

Why does my airsoft gun make a squealing and grinding noise when you try to shoot it?

You need to lubricate and clean it.

Grinding sound when accelerating?

Could be a number of things. Is the noise coming from your transmission, your rear differential, one of the wheels? From the wheels it could be a warped rotor or a wheel bearing failing.

Troubleshoot squealing and grinding noise from 1995 Nissan Maximum?

Your question is vague, but since you used the words "squealing/grinding" I first start to look at the brakes. The squealing could be coming from your brake pads. Some brake pads come with a safety mechanism that alerts to when the brake pads are nearing replacement time. If you ignore that squealing then it turns to a grinding because there ain't no brake pad left. At this point, you're now looking at replacing the rotors as well as the pads. Rule of thumb is that if one side is bad then the other is just as bad or not far behind it.

What causes a grinding sound when turning and a whining sound when accelerating?

possibly your wheel bearing is on its way out

How do you stop my standard transmission from grinding going into third gear?

To stop a standard transmission from grinding into third gear, check the level of the transmission fluid. If the noise continues, consult a mechanic.

Transmission grinding sound when clutch is out on Honda civic 1997?

If the transmission is grinding on a 1997 Honda Civic then the gears are worn down. The transmission will soon need a rebuild so it can operate smoothly.

Just replaced front brakes and rotors should they be making a slight grinding or squealing noise at first until they wear in?

No! Something is wrong.

What is it put it in reverse and starts grinding?

it needs a new transmission

What would cause a grinding or rattling sound when accelerating from a stop or when turning?

if its a front wheel drive vehicle then it could be the axels

What would cause a grinding noise in 03 Renault megane when accelerating?

could be a wheel bearing...or just that its a french car

What would cause a grinding sound under hood when in drive but sitting still?

A bad transmission. The sound is from metal grinding on eachother.

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