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What would cause a strong fuel smell from the exhaust pipe?

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Be sure there isn't a fuel leak that you may be mistaken for it coming out the exhaust pipe. Is it there when the car is off? IF it is still there, It may burning exceptionally rich (which I doubt), or there may be a misfire and the fuel in a couple cylinders are not burning at all.

2015-07-17 17:38:38
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What would cause a car that is cold and idiling to have a strong exhaust smell and no steam but when put in gear and the smell goes away but the exhaust has steam coming out?

A device called the heat riser has stuck or the heat riser hose has fallen off. could this loose part cause a metal raddling when you start to excelerate?

Would a bad exhaust cause car to smell gas when you start it?

yes nd it will also give of a oily smell with it

What would cause burning smell from exhaust pipe?

The burning smell from the exhaust pipe may be caused from oil or transmission fluid leaking into the exhaust pipe. For example, if your turbo is failing on the car, then that can cause leakage from the manifold into the exhaust pipe. There may be other reasons, too, which other people will be better articulating.

What would cause a sulfur smell from the exhaust of a 97 Saturn SC2?

your catayltic converter is bad and needs to replaced

Why would there still be a very strong exhaust smell with the windows down after a cracked manifold has been repaired?

There might be a hole in the silencer boxes.

Why would the inside of your smell like exhaust gases?


What would cause bad sputtering and fuel smell out of a 94 Grand Prix exhaust for 3 to 4 minutes after startup?

Smell the oil, if smells like some gas is in it. then it would be ur fuel pressure regulator.

What would cause gas in the exhaust on a motorcycle?

Exhaust of an engine is a gas.

Smell of antifreeze but radiator is full?

The smell of antifreeze is very strong and distinct, it does not take much of a leak to smell it. The radiator could still be full and have a small leak. I would check for antifreeze dripping onto the exhaust or on the engine block because when it is hot the smell is much more noticeable from the fumes.

Why do you Smell of gasoline from 1996 Toyota Celica celica gt?

I would start by checking any leaks in your exhaust and fuel filter area, if there is any leaks throughout the exhaust the smell of gasoline or exhaust may come through into the interior.

What would cause 1988 ford ranger exhaust manifold to get red hot?


Why would the air smell like exhaust when you turn on the heat?

most likely you have a leak in the exhaust pipes or a bad catalytic converter

Why does your 2.7 diesel terrano have a burning oil smell when driving only when the window is open There are no oil leaks or spillages onto the exhaust and it does not use oil?

Well if I had one with that problem I would look closer cause it is leaking on the exhaust somewhere.

What can cause white smoke from exhaust when heater is on?

I feel these are unrelated but you can investigate a leak in the hoses leading to the heater core as they maybe leaking onto the exhaust pipe, that would produce white smoke, but not from within the tailpipe exhaust. Water and oil leaks will produce white smoke the smell will help you determine which it is.

Why would you have an exhaust smell in your car before you start the engine then once the car is driven the smell is nonexistent?

Any exhaust smell in a car cab indicates an exhaust leak somewhere along the line. Th reason you don't smell it while driving is because the air flowing air under the car is blowing the exhaust gasses away before it can rise into the cab. After the car sits for a while, the gasses seep out of the leak, and up into the cab.

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What would cause oil to blow out of exhaust?

An exhaust valve(s) staying open upon compression.

What would cause backfiring?

Exhaust leaks close to the engine.

What can cause black carbon from the exhaust?

It would be unburnt fuel

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What would cause your car engine to smell like fuel and spit fuel from the exhaust with grey smoke?

The carburetor needs calibration or changing of possibly defective part, for example, gasket or needles.

Would exhaust leak cause timing problems on your 64 El Camino 350?

No, an exhaust leak would have nothing to do with your engine timing.

Can you drill a hole in exhaust pipes?

You can drill a hole in anything as long as you have a strong enough drill bit and drill. But why would you want to drill holes in your exhaust? The exhaust piping is there to route exhaust gases away from underneath the car so they don't pool up underneath your car and seep into the cabin and cause a variety of health problems.

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