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Hey Al==Check the tail pipe and see if it is mashed closed. Good luck Joe

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Q: What would cause a weird noise from the muffler when you step on the gas?
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What would be causing a knocking sound in your muffler?

A hole in the muffler would cause a knocking sound in your muffler. A loose exhaust pipe can also cause a knocking noise.

What would cause a muffler to make noise?

Damage. Hole. Perished gasket. Incorrectly fitted. Corrosion.

What would cause a noise sounding like a rolling stone coming from inside a muffler which is in good condition?

loose baffle

Would it be ok to run a 3.8 rs camaro without a muffler?

No. It will cause a problem with both back pressure and noise.

What would make my 92 Honda accord have a roaring noise while driving?

Remove the muffler

Do you need to have a muffler?

Yes, because without one, the noise of the engine or motor would be too loud, and the muffler serves a purpose of applying back pressure for compression.

What is the loud noise in the rear of car when you come to a stop?

Something to check would be if there is rust in the break-drums that would need to be cleaned. Another possibility would be the strap around the muffler. Check to make sure it isn't broken. If it is, the muffler may be hitting part of the frame, hence the noise. Other than that, I have no idea.

What would cause a grinding noise after a tire is replaced?

What would cause a grinding noise after a tire is replaced and the brakes are not worn?

Would a loose muffler system cause a flapping noise?

That's very likely, yes. Get it checked - a "flapping" exhauast system won't last long, but if you tend to it immediately, it may be an easy, permanent fix.

Why would mayonnaise be chemical?

cause its weird

Why would my rat be making a weird noise?

It is likely that the rat is sick so I would take it to the vet.

What would cause a fog horn sound coming from my car?

Maybe the muffler is bad.

Would a bad hub assembly cause the car to run loudly?

Unlikely. A more probable cause would be that there's something wrong with the exhaust/muffler. A bad hub would have other symptoms, like poor steering, pulling when braking/acccelerating, vibration etc before you'd begin noticing the noise.

Would a clogged muffler 2000 Chevy Malibu cause engine light to come on?


Would a hole in a 98 Toyota corollas mufler cause the car to feel like it wants to stall or like the engine is not getting enough power also is the muffler a single or three part system?

Because of condensation the inside of your muffler, the muffler will begin to deteriorate (rust) over time from the inside. This can and will cause holes in the muffler. Along with the hole (s) the internal structure of the muffler will eventually break apart and plug the muffler, preventing the exhaust gas and the pressure from the engine from exiting the vehicle. This will cause what is called "back pressure" on the engine, causing it to lose power. Extreme example would be "you push the gas pedal to the floor but the car will not go more the 25 miles per hour". I would recommend you have you muffler replace. That should solve your problem.

Would a hole in my muffler cause your engine light come on?

Not likely. But you know you have a hole in your muffler so unless you want to have an accident from carbon monoxide poisoning you should have it replaced ASAP. Then reset the light and if it does not come back on, you know that was the cause.

What would cause a whistling noise in a 1994 Pontiac grand am?

A whistling noise indicates a vacuum leak.

What would cause juddering noise on car?

cold engine

What would cause a motor to make a loud bang and then sound like it doesnt have a muffler?

A buildup of raw fuel in the exhaust system is then ignited and damages the exhaust muffler or blows a pipe apart.

What would cause weird back and chest spasm and pain?


What would cause a vibration noise in air return duct?


What would cause a knocking noise when you turn your wheel?

Power Steering?

What would cause a small whirring noise while driving?


What would cause a Clunking noise and vibration noise when turning and going over bumps?

loose or bad u joints.

What would cause a knocking noise in my automatic transmission when in a idle but goes away when you give it gas?

what would cause a knockings noise in my boat 3560- 2004 transmission when in idle goes away when you give it gas