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What would cause an alternator to go bad?


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Installing an alternator on a dead or poor battery will cause them to fail prematurely. trickle charge your battery before installing a new alternator. check all connections for corrosion especially grounds.


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A bad alternator will cause a battery to go bad. It does not have an effect on the air conditioner.

The alternator is belt driven and so is the water pump but that is where the correlation ends. There is no way a bad alternator could cause a water pump to go bad unless the alternator pulley was warped. Then there is a small chance.

The voltage regulator in the alternator can cause issues like this when they start to go bad. The voltage regulator is an integrated part of the alternator and cannot be replaced, if it is bad, the entire alternator must be replaced.

either the alternator is dischargeing the battery or it is going flat just because its not getting re charged

No a bad batery could not cause the alternator to go bad .only if a big short happened to the battery and melted the cells in to a short inside the batt

You would probably toast the diodes in the alternator.

Yes, those exhaust gases are extremely hot and can cause the alternator to overheat. Not only that but that carbon monoxide can enter the vehicle and kill you.

If your battery is not fully functioning and needs to be replaced, it can make the alternator work harder. This could cause a brand new alternator to go bad. Check your battery, if the battery is not the issue, return the alternator, it should have a warranty on it for at least the first 30 days.

The most common cause is a loose or broken alternator belt or bad alternator. Go to any auto parts store and they will check it for free.

You cannot predict when an alternator will go bad. It may last 150,000 miles and it may only last 50,000 miles. It may go bad due to a bad bearing or internal short.

Usually when the battery light comes on its the Alternator, or a bad wire from Alternator to battery, but id check Alternator first.

A 97 Maxima can have these symptoms because of a bad alternator. If the alternator has low output there can be a ticking and eventually the engine will stop running.

If bearings go bad they will "squeal"

The vehicle should ave a voltage regulator. If the battery and alternator are good then the regulator is most likely bad.

If the voltage regulator (usually located inside the alternator) were to go bad and not limit voltage to the battery quite possilby _yes

If bearings go bad on a alternator/ will make a grindind noise or long squilling noise.. but if only electronic's inside alternator are damage no noise wil be heard

It is probably a bad voltage regulator. Sometimes they are located in the alternator and can go bad in a new one. On Ford vehicle the voltage regulator is separate from the alternator.

You more than likely have a bad connection or damaged the CPS when removing the alternator

Internal parts can wear out or burn out.

It is possible that 'wires' can cause an alternator to fail - such as dead-shorts in high power circuits. More often though the bearings go bad, or the internal components wear out. One other source of problems for alternators are bad batteries causing high-stress/strain - can lead to premature failure. See "Related Questions" below for more

When it says security it means the the chip in your key has gone bad, or the key dont have a chip in it, and u it wont let u doing anything, you have to have the chipped key I am thinking this is going to be a bad alternator, or a battery that has a dead cell. You can get your alternator checked while on the car at Autozone for free. That would be my sugestion as a place to start.

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