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Don't overlook the obvious. My P1413 was nothing more than a burned out fuse for the secondary air pump

AnswerThe code refers to the secondary air pump. This pump helps reduce pollution by injecting air in the exhaust system for up to 30 seconds at cold startups.

Possible causes:
Bad Air Pump. Fix: replace air pump, it is found low, under the battery
Bad Relay (controls the air pump) :
The relay is in the relay box next to the battery. It is the relay in the left upper corner when looking towards the driver.

A detailed picture I took here:


P1413 Secondary Air Injection System Monitor Circuit Low Detailed Description The secondary air injection system monitor circuit is low, indicating the electrical AIR pump is off although the electrical AIR pump was commanded on by the PCM.

Possible causes :- Open B+ circuit. Open AIR circuit. Damaged PCM. Air circuit short to ground. Damaged AIR pump. Damaged solid state relay.

Diagnostic Aids The AIR monitor circuit is held low by the resistance path through the AIR pump when the pump is off. Also, look for open circuit from SSR to AIR pump.

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Q: What would cause code P1413 on a 2000 Taurus 3.0 with 85 thousand miles?
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