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What would cause half of your fuse panel to have no power?


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2005-04-17 22:05:53
2005-04-17 22:05:53

I have a 96 Taurus that had that problem. Inside the front left fender, under the shroud, there is a wiring harness. At the center of these wires are the 2 main wires going to the fuse panel. These wires are larger than the others in the harness. One of these two wires has a short. Good luck finding it. Look for a place on these 2 wires that there is some discoloration on the insulation, or where the wire seems stretched, or there is a hole from a circuit tester.


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Answer 1 - Fuse Panel FireThe cause is/was a "SHORT CIRCUIT" condition on the "incoming" [from the battery] side of the fuse panel.

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You need to check the fuse in the fuse panel or the horn relay in the power distribution box under the hood

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Malfunctioning alternator, malfunctionining fuse panel, short in the main power wires, ECM failure... take your pick.

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Door locks are protected by circuit breakers. A surge of power to a fuse would cause it to blow. They are located in the fuse panel.

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More than likely has 2 fuses. One in the fuse panel and another inline fuse somewhere between the fuse panel and the radio on the red power wire.

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