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Adjust your clutch cable.

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Q: What would cause hesitation and loss of power while manually switching gears on a vehicle?
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Why is there a hesitation as you apply the accelerator?

A defective EGR Valve will cause hesitation on acceleration.

What causes hesitation in acceleration on vw jetta vr6 2.8l?

There are many things that could cause hesitation on acceleration in a vehicle. It could be the fuel pump, the gas pump, fuel pump relay, or an electrical problem.

What would be the problem with an 87 Chevy Celebrity hesistating when you hit the gas?

Hesitation can be caused by several things: 1. A faulty throttle position sensor might cause hesitation. 2. A faulty MAP or MAF sensor might also cause hesitation. 3. A problem with the engine control module might cause hesitation.

Can a fuel filter cause hesitation and lack of power?


Can an oil sensor and a cam sensor defect cause a car to stall?

Yes. A bad cam sensor can cause slight hesitation of the vehicle, ultimately resulting in complete loss of power suddenly while accelerating. If bad, the cam sensor worsens, possible causing the vehicle not to start.

What would cause a 2006 ml350 to hesitate when it comes to a stop?

Clog injectors will cause slight hesitation. Try using a good injector cleaner and be sure to use premium gasoline in this vehicle. Low octine fuel will burn poorly and cause injector issue.

What causes hesitation when i step on the gas pedal for a 2002 mercedes ml 500 The vehicle starts bucking like it is not getting gas.?

A number of things can cause hesitation. There could be water or dirt in the tank. Also, it could be an ignition problem. Your ignition timing may be slightly off and your plugs are firing a split second off top dead center. This would account for the hesitation and subsequent bucking.

Can a fuel injector cause a hesitation and backfire on a 1992 Chrysler 3.3?


Name for the great plains helped cause this hesitation?

the great american desert

What could cause hesitation in a 1999 Plymouth Breeze?

A couple of different things could cause hesitation in a 1999 Plymouth Breeze including bad spark plugs. There could also be an issue with the fuel filter.

Does switshing battery cause toyota 2002 to stall?

Are you saying switching? If so, the answer is no. Switching batteries will not cause it to stall as long as you install a fully charged battery.

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