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What would cause my choke relay to make a buzzing noise in a 1987 caprice 5.0?

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What is cause of Mosquitoes buzzing in people ears?

they make a loud noise when they try to suck your blood

What causes the buzzing noise in my 1997 Mercedes E420 rear view mirror?

A bad motor can cause a buzzing noise in your 1997 Mercedes E420 rear-view mirror. If it has a light, the light could also be going out.

Does the pacemaker make a buzzing noise?

Not normally.

What insects make a buzzing noise?

A bee?

You have buzzing sounds in my ears and head what could this be?

If you have buzzing sounds in your ears and head it could be indicative of tinnitus. The most common cause of tinnitus is due to hearing loss as a result of excessive noise.

How do bees and mosquitoes create a loud buzzing noise?

Both bees and mosquitoes make the buzzing noises with their wings. Their wings are moving at such a high rate of speed that it makes the vibrations and buzzing sounds.

Why do you have a clicking noise when driving your 1993 caprice?

I hear a clicking noise coming from my jeep when I hit speeds greater then 50 MPH? any ideas on what can cause this

How to fix buzzing car speaker?

The speaker could be buzzing for a couple of reasons. If the signal from the radio is causing the buzz then you may have to replace the radio. If the speaker cone is the cause of the noise, then the speaker will need to be replaced.

Why is it that mosquito's make a buzzing sound?

Because their wings move so fast that it creates a buzzing noise

How do you fix the buzzing noise on rocksmith 2014?

As with most repairs, you first find the cause. Until that is done you cannot make a repair

Buzzing noise from daytime running light?

Well, this is certainly among the strangest questions I've seen here. Is the buzzing from the headlight it's self, or is the noise inside the cabin?

Why does a bumble bee make a humming sound?

A bee's buzzing noise is caused by it's wings in flight. Bee's can also use their buzzing noise as a deter-ant when the hive is disturbed.

What noise does a trumpet make?

It makes a sort of a buzzing rasp sound.

How do laptops cool?

there is a fan in the computer, hence the annoying buzzing noise

Would your engine choke and make noise if the injector is bad?

Engine choke and make noise if the Engine Oil is low. of if you got bad gas...

Why do I have buzzing and hearing loss in my ear after a loud noise?

due to nerve fatigue.

Is the buzzing noise by the river in Animal Crossing a frog?

I don't know. Get a life.

How do you make the buzzing noise on an electric toothbrush go away?

Turn it off

What causes a short buzzing noise every once in a while when the car is off?

The bomb

What could be causing a brief intermittant buzzing noise on my Jeep Cherokee when the engine is first switched off?

It's your seat belt indicator light. Look at it when you first start your car when the light goes off so does the buzzing noise.

Why Ceiling fan hums?

If controlled by a dimmer, the selected setting will cause the ceiling fan to make a humming or buzzing noise due to the motor getting ruined. Oiling may be required.

Should a LCD TV be making a buzzing noise when the screen is black?

no that's not right sorry

How does a bee make sound?

it flaps it's wings so fast it makes a buzzing noise.

Why do honey bees buzz?

Honeybees' wings flap so fast that they make a buzzing noise.

How does a trombone player make the sound?

You have to make a buzzing noise with your mouth in order for a sound to come out. :)