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What would cause no spark on a Volvo 850 non turbo with new coil and module?

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The ignition amplifier module or power stage is bolted to the left front inner fender near the battery.

i had that problem on my 91 non turbo and it turned out to be a loose spark plug wire. check ' the simple stuff first. steve

Limp home mode is just as it sounds. It goes to a preset load of values to allow the car to get you "limp" home or to the repair service. All engine and transmission performace is reduced. There is no such thing as a "turbo limp module".

Yes, but your Volvo will have very little power without the turbo.

The diesel turbo can only fit on a Volvo 850 with a little fabrication.

were is the camshaft position sensor on 1999 Volvo s80 turbo

The 1989 Volvo was offered in the model 244 with a 2.3L L4. The gap for this application depends on the spark model and electrode material. Iridium and platinum plugs for the application come pre-gapped from the factory.

no i have a Volvo 1991 se turbo.

Check the spark plug cables and spark plugs themselves. I had the same problem about 3 months ago, and it was a bad plug cable and a bad plug as well.

114 for non-turbo about 160 for turbo

My 1991 740 volvo turbo doesnt start specially during the morning.Is it comes with a cold start valve?

To replace the oil trap on your Volvo, please consult your owners manual. There should be a guide in there to help you with this repair.

I'm trying to do a tuneup on my 89' 740 Volvo with turbo. Having problems getting the distributor rotor off?

One can find a wiring diagram for a Volvo 245 at Turbo Bricks. These can also be found at Volvo Club and at Volvo Tips.

The purpose of turbo Volvo cars are to allow faster altered driving. They are typically more expensive than regular cars, since they are modified cars.

170 for GLT (No turbo, GLT stands for Grand Lux Touring) 193 for 2.5 Turbo 250 for T5/Turbo

What are you looking to fix. I am a Volvo tech. 89 Volvo 740 turbo runs rich blows black smoke all plugs are black but are not oily rev it up change plugs. wires. coil. air filter.

No spark plugs are used for a diesel engine

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