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blown head gasket....not good.

Could b Transmission Fluid because the transmission cooler is in the radiator-especially IF the water has a red tint 2 it,IF it has a automatic transmission.

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โˆ™ 2004-07-30 22:32:38
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Q: What would cause oil in the radiator coolant?
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What is the cause of Chevy Tahoe 95 oil is going through engine coolant?

Does it have 2 lines coming from the top of the oil filter, and going to the radiator. If so that is the oil cooler. You need to replace the RADIATOR Those 2 lines go into the radiator so it can cool the oil, and the tubes are leaking oil into the coolant.

What would cause Oil to get in coolant but no coolant in oil in 2002 Pontiac grand am gt?

blown head gasket

What can cause 2000 Malibu to overheat besides thermostat?

Lack of coolant in the radiator. Fan not working. Not enough oil.

What can cause oil in the radiator?

It Could Be a Bad Gasket that causes water to mix with coolant more than likely you will see white dough like substance in radiator.

In a 93 Olds Silhouette what would cause there to be oil in the water but no water in the oil?

if this vehicle is automatic,the most likely cause would be the transmission fluid cooler. it is a tank inside the radiator that cools the transmission fluid. if by any reason the tank leaks it would contaminate your water/coolant/antifreeze. answer a cracked head will allow oil into water jacket in head, going from there thru to radiator if it was a bad head gasket, u would have water in oil instead

What is probable cause of transmission fluid contaminating engine coolant 2000 Taurus 3.0 ohv 12 valve?

I would have to guess that your radiator has a hole in it. Look andd see if your transmission lines go to a tank on the radiator. If this is the case then the radiator will have to be replaced. You transmission line is leaking oil into the coolant. Is there also coolant in the transmission? This is the only way that I can see this happening. Now if you were just having coolant in the transmission then I would say that there was a head gasket issue. well I hope this helps you.

How is there transmission fluid in your radiator?

The automatic transmission oil cooler is built into the radiator. If the oil cooler developes a leak the oil mixes with the engine coolant.

How do you check to see if oil is in coolant?

Oil and water do not mix. oil will float on top of coolant if you remove radiator cap this will be very visible, on the other hand coolant in oil will look milky white.

What would cause engine oil to be collecting in my radiator coolant when no coolant is in my crankcase oil on a 2002 Pontiac Gran Prix SE with 3.1 engine?

You may have a blown head gasket. Have it pressure tested. The head gasket keeps the cylinder head sealed from the water that circulates through the heads to keep them cool. If the gasket gets a hole in it, then there is a gap in which oil can get into your coolant. Make sure what you are seeing is OIL in the coolant first.

The transmission oil is milky in color and the oil continues to increase and the transmission slips?

You are getting water into the coolant. Most likely cause is a failed radiator/oil cooler. If the coolant level keeps reducing and transmission oil level keeps increasing then the above answer is correct.

Can driving without oil and water in coolant cause engine to blow up?

no oil in engine or water in radiator will cause engine to seriously o/heat! and eventually seize! major engine damage!!

What would cause there to be oil in the radiator but not water in the oil?

Pressurized oil lines go from the block through to the head. If the head gasket is leaking at that point and allowing a small amount of pressurized oil to seep between the line and the coolant jacket you could get oil in the radiator. Another possibility is that perhaps someone used water pump lubricant which is nothing more than an emulsified oil (oil blended with water). Over time the oil can separate from the coolant and that might be all you're seeing, especially if it isn't much oil. If it's RED oil it could be comming from the transmission cooler line. That runs through one of the radiator tanks and if the transmission line is leaking you could certainly get oil in the radiator... but it' would be red.

If there is oil in radiator not in block what is the problem?

Without any other info I'd say you have a bad headgasket or a cracked head/block. Generally oil has to be pressurized to show up in coolant, or the reverse would be true and you'd have coolant in the oil also making it milky white. So... oil is leaking from somewhere pressurized to coolant.. Pressurized oil only comes up to the head in one passage, and that has likely developed a leak to the nearest coolant passage, most likely through a bad head gasket. This is more likely if it's been recently overheated. Some vehicles have an internal oil cooler located in the radiator. If this cooler has a leak then you will get oil in your radiator. If the fluid inside the radiator is a pinkish, reddish color the it would be the internal transmission dooler in the radiator

What could be the cause of your 1994 Chevy Camaro leaking radiator fluid?

Radiator, radiator cap, radiator hoses, water pump, coolant reservior and heater core are the more obvious areas. If you notice coolant in your oil it can be caused by a blown head gasket or damaged coolant sleeve in the head of the enging. If you cannot see any coolant leaks outside of the vehicle, check the floor mats on the interior. If you find coolant there, it more than likely is a heater core.

What is a oil coolant hose?

An oil coolant?æ hose is a tube or pipe that allows engine oil to circulate via the radiator in order to cool down. Without an oil coolant hose, oil will get to hot to operate efficiently.

Your car is over heating and it looks like its leaking oil and coolant?

try taking out the thermostat and have you put to much oil and coolant in the radiator

What would cause oil to get into water in a 97 1.9 DOHC engine?

you mean there is coolant in the oil or oil in the coolant either ways sounds like a head gasket problem.

Why is the impala overheating?

well, check your oil, engine coolant, and your radiator.

Why is there oil in your Ford Focus coolant system?

your radiator needs to be replaced

What could cause oil in your coolant resivoir but no coolant in oil in a new engine in 2001 ford lightning?

Check your transmission fluid, The cooler that runs through the radiator may be leaking into the cooling system. If so, the radiator will need to be replaced, and possible transmission will need to be flushed as well. Good Luck!

Why do you have oil in your coolant recovery tank but your 2003 Pontiac grand am still runs good?

Your radiator is probably leaking transmission fluid into your coolant. Trans cooler is built into the radiator. Replace the radiator.

Why would my radiator be losing coolant and look like it has oil in the coolant?

sounds like a leaking head gasket have a pressure chek done on cylinders and cooling system

Water pump leak oil in radiator?

You did not say what you are working on, YEAR AND ENGINE SIZE. But in most cases or designs the water pump can not leak oil into the coolant. The water pump has nothing to do with the engine oil. Does the engine have a engine oil cooler on it ? That would be 2 oil lines just above the oil filter that runs down the side of the engine oil pan a go to the radiator. There are tubes inside of the radiator that oil flows through and they are none to leak oil into the engine coolant that's inside of the RADIATOR. If they are leaking then REPLACE RADIATOR. BUT like I said I don't know what you are working on. Would like to help you with your problem, But need more INFO. NEUTZ.

What would cause a 2005 impala to run hot?

water pump, oil, water, engine coolant....main cause would be engine coolant, just check to see if you have a leak.

Why would the water in your radiator turn thick and yellow after overheating. This was both in the radiator and the overflow.?

The most likely cause of this is a blown head gasket dumping oil back into the coolant passages. The oil will mix with the glycol in the antifreeze and make a thick yellow paste. It is very important to flush the cooling system after the repair or this sludge will cause heating problems.