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What would cause only part of a circuit in your home to go out?

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a bad connection

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How do you repair circuit breaker?

Only the manufacturer would be qualified to repair a circuit breaker. Any breaker in your home would be cheaper to replace than repair.

What would cause only right tail light not to work?

A circuit board error. Probably disconnected or obstructed.

Will circuit breaker cause voltage drop in outlet?

Only if it trips!

Where are circuit breakers commonly used at home?

In the circuit breaker panel. It's the only place they're used.

A circuit with 4 parallel parts but only one serial part would be called a what kind of circuit?

parallel circuit

Why is a parallel circuit better?

A parallel circuit is better because if you want to switch on/off somewhere, you would only switch on/off that place only. In a series circuit, switching on/off somewhere would switch on/off everywhere!

If the filament of the bulb is broken would the circuit be complete?

If the bulb's filament is broken, the whole circuit becomes open. If the bulb is in a series circuit or is the only bulb, the electricity would no longer flow. If the bulb is in a parallel circuit, along with other bulbs, then only the blown bulb would go out, and the other bulbs would still work.

Why would circuit breaker fail?

circuit breaker do get fail if and only if the relay does not respond to the fault occurring in the system !!

A circuit with 4 parallel parts but only one serial part would be called what?

A series/parallel circuit.

What would cause the ecmb fuse to pop on a 1989 full size blazer?

There are only two things which cause fuses to "pop," or blow. 1. Electrical current flow [amps] in the circuit which exceed the amperage value of the fuse. This would be caused by a short circuit to ground, either inside the ecmb, or anywhere in the circuit wiring. 2. Very seldom, a fuse may be defective and simply fail "on its own."j3h.

Why would an inverter overload a circuit?

The only way an Inverter could overload a circuit would be on the supply side. The fusing/protection for the inverter is incorrect.

What would happen if one light went out in a parallel circuit?

In a parallel circuit, if one circuit is off, only that circuit is off. Other circuit continues to function normal.

If current increases and resistance increases what would cause this?

The only way current can increase while resistance in a circuit increases is if voltage, which is the force that causes electric current, increases.

What would be the purpose of connecting a parallel-tuned circuit into an antenna circuit?

The parallel-tuned filter in antenna circuit rejects only the undesired frequencies.

What are the advantages to a parallel circuit?

If one wire was to break only one of the bulbs on the circuit would stop working whereas if one wire broke on a series circuit all the bulbs would stop working.

What would be different if only one light bulb were wired in this circuit instead of two?

I you wired a light bulb in to the same circuit you have the possibility of over loading the circuit but other than that it would just be brighter.

What types of circuits are used in homes?

Both series and parallel circuits are used in the home. If the circuit is a dedicated circuit which means that there is only one device in the circuit, then it is a series circuit. All the rest will be classed as parallel circuits.

Can a step down transformer increase current in a DC circuit?

Transformers only work with alternating currents. So the answer is Yes, BUT it would have to be a DC Pulsing circuit. using flip flop circuit or a 555 circuit or chop circuit.

Why is the secondary of a transformer a short circuit?

If you are saying that the secondary (output) winding on a transformer seems to be a short circuit, it is very likely to be low resistance and may only be a few ohms if you measure the resistance with an ohmeter. The only way it would actually be a short circuit is if something has been inserted which has shorted the wires or it has overheated and burnt through. In which case there should be an acrid smell. Or if you can see the wires you would see they were burnt. A short in the circuit it is powering could cause the transformer to overheat, burn out and short.

Why doesn't LC circuit exist?

even though a resistance is not connected in a circuit, it would practically have small resistance due to its practically a LC circuit dosent exist..only a RLC circuit exists

Is a complete circuit a closed or an open circuit?

A circuit is complete only when the circuit is closed.

What type of electrical circuit is used most often in industry and the home?

The most common of all circuits used in industry and around the home is the parallel circuit. In industry all MCC controls are in parallel with the supply distribution and around the home all lighting circuits are in parallel with the supply distribution panel.

What is a non dedicated circuit?

A "dedicated" circuit is one to which only one device is or can be connected; therefore the circuit is "dedicated" to the device. A NON dedicated circuit will therefore be one to which multiple devices can connect, such as the wall outlets in your home. Multiple wall outlets are connected to a common circuit breaker, making that an example of a non-dedicated circuit.

Why is a parallel circuit used in household wiring?

In a parallel circuit, if one component gets removed from the circuit, the rest of the components remain undisturbed. If a light bulb burns out in a series circuit, the rest of the components in that circuit will go out with it. But if it were in a parallel circuit, only the light bulb would go out.

What is the circuit in which electric current has only one path?

A circuit in which there is only one current path available is a series circuit.