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What would cause power to be interrupted between ignition and starter solenoid?


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2005-02-09 06:49:14
2005-02-09 06:49:14

Soemtimes a cable may look ok from the outside, but under the plastic skin of the wire there may be some corrosion or an actual break in the wire itself. It is possible to remove the cable and check the continuity of the wire with a voltmeter. If you dont want to go through the trouble, just buy a new one and see if that does the trick. Also, consider checking the ignition and starter solenoids themselves. Check for loose connections too.


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A starter solenoid can be bypassed by connecting a jumper wire between the battery and ignition posts on the starter. This will cause it to spin immediately without using the ignition switch.

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Defective Starter solenoid or ignition switch. Ignition switch is bad.

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The starter solenoid, despite its name, is not part of a vehicle's ignition system. It is used to send electric current to the starter motor, engaging the engine.

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Probably not a bad ignition switch, but more likely a bad starter solenoid. It takes a lot of current to get a starter to turn, to much to go through such a small switch like the ignition switch. The ignition switch actually controls a relay(solenoid) which can handle the needed current to get the starter going. On a lot of modern cars the solenoid is built into the starter unlike older cars and trucks where it was mounted on the firewall between the battery and the starter.

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it should be defective ignition switch...................It could be anything between the ignition switch and the terminal on the starter solenoid. There may be a bad ignition switch, bad ignition fuse or a bad fuseable link.

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