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you must purge th system you have a air lock allow the vecile to run with the rad cap off till it get warm the shut it down till it cools add collant you may have to do this a few times........rosdale joe The way I did it was to fill up my radiator, then turn the car on. When its getting to the normal temperature is when it starts to pour water to the reservoir.... at this point you turn your heater on on high and the neddle to the hot possition... this should bleed the cooling system. Also check the preasure on you radiator cap.... the [problem on my car was the radiator cap.

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When coolant coming out of 1999 alero from overflow and leaking water pump replaced water pump but still comes out of overflow could it be thermostat?

Could be thermostat not opening causing a back pressure

Where do you add coolant in jeep Cherokee Laredo?

Older Cherokees have a pressurized overflow tank on the left side of the engine (facing the engine) near the firewall. There was a retrofit of a lower pressure relief cap for the overflow tank BUT the thermostat must also be replaced with a lower temperature setting.

In a 2000 Toyota Camry you had steam and water was boiling into the overflow and temp was overheating what could this be?

It might the thermostat stuck close or the water pump does not work and has to replaced.

What would cause a 1996 BMW 320i convertible to overheat on a short journey and all the water bubble and steam?

my guess is the thermostat if you just replaced the thermostat then it might be an air pocket in the cooling system solved by taking the cap off the overflow tank squeezing the radiator hose going to the thermostat housing until the water pressure opens the hose in your hand this forces your thermostat open. if you decide to replace the thermostat yourself do the same as above to make sure all air is out of your cooling system.

What causes a hot water heater to continually run?

The Thermostat and Temp and Press Valve is faulty and needs to be replaced. or the PRV (pressure reducing valve) is dirty and must be replaced

On a 2001 ford ranger the thermostat will not open?

The thermostat is done it has to be replaced.......

Why does antifreeze boil out of the overflow tank after the car is shut off?

could be to much anti-freeze hard to tell without seeing it if think that's not it maybe a line could be clogged or thermostat needs replaced

Why Overflow pipe leaking?

An overflow pipe on a (toilet cistern?) will leak if the rubber disc in the ballcock slide valve needs to be replaced.

Why is your Kenmore power miser 8 water heater leaking from the overflow pipe?

Temp. & pressure valve either needs replaced or an expansion tank may need to be installed.

What would cause your 2002 Saturn sl1 to overheat while idling and water to boil out of cap on overflow tank even after radiator water pump and thermostat were replaced?

If the electric cooling fan(s) are not coming on that may be the problem.

1995 Chevy astro overheating after water pump and thermostat replaced?

brilliant, the thermostat is backwards

How do you repair the thermostat on a BMW 328i?

Can not be repaired, only replaced with the thermostat housing as one unit.

How do you unstick thermostat on 2005 Monte Carlo?

You don't. You replace a thermostat that has failed. They are meant to be replaced.

What is the function of the Thermostat?

the thermostat is a water/coolant flow regulator using pressure or heat from the water/coolant to open itself and let water circulate. when the thermostat gets stuck (won't open/close normally), the car's engine will overheat, usually will get replaced (if you go to a certified mechanic) or will be removed and not replaced (if you go to an uncertified McGiber type mechanic), although this does not affect your car in a negative way.

Why would a 2000 Sunfire pour antifreeze out from under the over flow?

Hello, I have a 97 Sunfire GT and had the same problem. The cap on the overflow bottle is pressurized and mine lost it's pressure. Once I replaced that I didn't have the problem anymore. ! You could also have a hole or crack in the overflow container

Can you fix the thermostat in my 1997 Dodge Durango without buying a new on?

If the thermostat has failed it will need replaced.

Where is the thermostat located on a Toyota Camry?

In general, engine thermostats can be found by following the LOWER radiator hose to where it attaches to the engine. The hose is typically attached to a fitting behind which is a gasket and the thermostat. The gasket needs to be replaced when the thermostat is replaced.

Why is your 1994 Toyota Celica overheating?

Blown head gastet, radiator leaking, thermostat needs to be replaced Blown head gastet, radiator leaking, thermostat needs to be replaced

My heater will blow but not hot ive replaced the thermostat?

Check into the temperature control valve--this is different than the thermostat.

Why is it running hot after i replaced thermostat and water pump?


1995 Chevy cavalier z24. replaced water pump thermostat and still over heats coolant in resivoir does not boil. overheats underload?

had the same problem with a sibring,took to the garage,they replaced the thermostat and gasket and found a hairline crack in the thermostat housing they replaced the housing and everything was fine then

What causes odor in the overflow of a pedestal sink?

Bacteria causes odour. Either clean it out or get it replaced.

If you have replaced the water pump thermostat and heater core and ran water through the radiator but it is still overheating Should you have the radiator pressure tested?

If you have replaced the water pump then flush the radiator with CLR also check to see if the fan is working properly.

Why does Overflow Reservoir on 1999 Ford Taurus keep overflowing gauge doesn't read hot changed the hoses flushed Radiator replaced Thermostat and reservoir?

It sounds like you have a blown head gasket. Combustion gases can enter the cooling system through either a blown head gasket or cracked cylinder head. The gases (under pressure) force coolant out of the reservoir. This also causes a void in the upper part of the cooling system , leaving no coolant at the thermostat and the coolant temperature sending unit. The result is a erroneous temperature Reading and will even prevent the thermostat from opening.

Why is my Nissan maxima overheating already replaced thermostat?

Even though you have already replaced the thermostat, there are other issues that can cause your Nissan Maxima to overheat. Your fan may be stuck and not operating as it should.

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