What would cause small cuts on your tongue?

Cuts can be related to canker sores, (ulcers on your tongue). There are a number of causes including stress, immune system problems, vitamin deficiencies and local trauma in the mouth. Salt water does appear to be most people's answer, but if they persist over a few weeks, go to the doc........................................ Actually a number of things. If you had something sour that might do it or even the edges of chips. Sounds crazy but its very true. Don't worry about it (RUBBISH) Your acidity in your body is high (Ph level is off). The above poster is correct in saying that sour foods can make it worse and even eating sharp edged foods such as chips. Rinse your mouth out 3 - 4 times a day with salt and warm water and spit out! Salt is very healing and it's not enough that it should cause you pain. Also a broken tooth or sharp-edged tooth can cause cuts in the tongue and it's important you have a general dental check-up.