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There is a problem with the SRS system. This can be very dangerous. Air bag could deplay at any time. Take to dealer immediately and do not attempt to repair yourself.

HI guys,well i took my Taurus to the Ford dealership as suggested and it was the clock sping as i thought it was,i work at cars for myself every other day and i can't see what could be dangerous to change the clock spring,considering you drive around with it in your face all the time.


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โˆ™ 2015-07-17 17:44:05
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Q: What would cause the air bag light to blink in intervals of 6 in a 1991 Ford Taurus?
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What causes a oil light to blink in a 1995 Honda Prelude?

A low oil level can cause the oil light to blink on a 1995 Honda Prelude. A faulty sensor can also cause this.

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Worn brake pads can cause the brake light to blink on the dash in a 1993 GMC Sierra 1500. This can also be caused by a faulty light.

What would cause the blinkers in your 2003 Chevrolet Impala to light and not blink?

The most likely cause is the turn signal flasher.

What would cause the overdrive light to blink on a 1997 cougar?

it has a malfuction so its setting a code

What causes the service engine light to blink in a 1997 Ford Taurus GL?

This happens when there is an Active Misfire, or a urgent pending service matter. Get your codes checked.

What cause oil light to come on after oil change?

Why does oil light come blink on 2003 Jetta 2.0 after oil change

What causes the service engine soon light to blink on a 2003 Ford Taurus ses and it kind of choke down?

It is an engine misfire. Don't accelerate too fast or brake too fast. Get your car into the shop as soon as you can because it can/will cause damage to your catalytic converter.

What would cause the drive light to blink on a 1993 Honda accord ex?

Computer has detected a problem with the transmission.

What would cause the air bag light to blink off and on continuously?

The computer has detected a fault in the airbag circuit.

Why does your airbag light blink off and on?

why does my airbag light blink off and on on my 92 mercury gran marquis ls

Why does the interior brake light blink?

could be a problem with the sesor in the emergency brake. a bad connection there could cause the light to blink with the vibration of the car running On some cars, the brake warning light will blink if the parking brake is set, and you drive... it could be a failed parking brake switch, assuming the brake is not applied. It is supposed to blink to get your attention. One car that does this is the Mitsubishi Starion, there are probably some others, too.

Dome light on Ford Taurus stays on?

dome light stays on ford taurus

Do star blink?

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What cause the head light to blink going down the road on a 1999 Chevy tracker?

The alternator may be going bad.

Why does passenger rear light blink real fast and front passenger light does not blink front bulb is good?

cause a wire leading to the front blinker is broken. my 00 civic has this problem currently. if i jiggle the wire it fixes it. find the break and solder it.

Is there another name for a pollution pump from a 1998 Ford Taurus Could this pump cause the check engine light to come on?

another name is smog pump.this could cause light to come on.

Why would the maint required light come on in a 2005 Honda accord?

Honda programs the light to come on at certain mileage intervals. After 5,000 miles, it will blink for 5 seconds upon starting. After 7,500, it stays on until reset. The purpose of the light is to remind you to change your oil. You should perform the reset sequence each time you change your oil. Once reset, it will come on again at the aformentioned intervals.

Does low brake fluid cause the dash brake light to stay on in a 1999 Ford Taurus?

yes it dose

What Sends out light blink hi blink blink?

we all do it and don't know is a natrial reactin are you stupid didn't you know that

What would cause the air bag light on a 1994 Nissan to blink and the car not crank?

Ckean bith ends of the battery cables.

What cause the service engine soon light to blink while driving light is on continually but will occasionally blink for 5 seconds before staying on?

It's telling you that you have a problem. Get a code scanner and find out what the problem is. that's a misfire .i had tht problem and i changed the spk plug cable

Rapid blinking tail light on your 2000 blazer s-10 how do you change it?

The tail light bulb is probably okay, it's the front signal light that is burned out, this would cause the rear light to blink rapid.

What might cause the 'check engine light' to blink in a 2002 Jeep Liberty?

My 02 liberty check engine light has blinked in the past. It was because my battery needed to be replaced. Count the number of times it blinks and search for that blink pattern online for better information.