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What would cause the back tires on a 2004 Toyota RAV4 to always be tilted in at the top?

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have the alignment checked to make sure rear tires are within manufacturer's recommended tolerences.

2006-10-13 03:46:59
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2002 RAV4 toyota tires?

do you have tires for toyota RAV4

What is it called when cars tires are tilted?

The car is out of alignment.

How much are Toyota tires?

I don't think there's such a thing as Toyota brand tires.

What are stock tires on a 2002 Toyota 4Runner?


Do you have any tires for a Toyota Tacoma? does not sell tires.

What would cause new tires to bow on a 1996 Toyota 4X4 truck?

did you have the vehicle aligned when you put on the new tires? check suspension for wear and bad/bent/broken parts.

I need tires for a 2001 Toyota Solara Sedan. What do you recommend?

bridgestone tires

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Where can one purchase tires and wheels for a Toyota Rav 4?

Most local tire shops can sell one tires for a Toyota Rav 4. Wheels can be found at the Toyota web site. Street Dreams sells higher end rims and tires.

Are tires covered in the Toyota extended warranty?

Yes, tires are covered in the Toyota extended warranty, as tires are very important in a vehicle and can go wrong at any time. It is necessary to have such materials covered in warranties.

What is fatlace mean?

Its the tirestretch with wide rimes.. the car looks like it has tilted thick tires.

What could cause a whirring noise and a vibration on the front passenger side of my 1991 Toyota corolla if it has new struts and tires?

A bad wheel bearing

What size tires on a Toyota Avalon?

The tire size of 2012 Toyota Avalon is P215/55R17.

Will tires from a Toyota 2011 fit a 2003 Chevy Malibu?

If the tires are the same size then they will fit. Otherwise, no.

Are Michelin defender tires good for Toyota Corolla 2008?

They are nice tires and will work well on a Corolla.

Can running smaller tires cause check engine light to come on?

Smaller tires should not cause the check engine light to come on. Smaller tires will cause the speedometer to be off.

What is the best tire size for the 2001 Toyota Highlander?

Toyota recommends 225/70R16 size tires.

What tires go on 4 cylinder Toyota Camry le 1998?

The tires are 195/65 R-15.

1991 Toyota Camry vibrate?

If your 1991 Toyota Camry is vibrating, the tires might be wearing unevenly. This could be due to parts that are worn in the front end or even from tires that are damaged.

Where do I buy Goodyear tires for a Toyota Corolla?

Goodyear tires come highly recommended for Toyota Corolla's and other Toyota models. The best place in my area to buy them from is Discount Tire Company, but you can find out locations near you by conducting a query.

Are there negative consequences involved in buying cheap tires?

There can be as with anything else, cheaper is not always better. Cheap tires may not last as long or may cause unstable handling of the car if they are not even.

PRICE FOR TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 2003 265-65-R17 (4 TIRES)?

“PRICE FOR TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 2003 265-65-R17 (4 TIRES)”

Can fitting directional tires incorrectly cause an accident?

No, Installing a directional tire backward will not ruin it, nor will it cause a car to run rough or handle dangerously. It simply won't provide optimal performance that is was designed for. Always install directional tires correctly.

Size of tires on Toyota Echo 2003?

175 65 14 or optional 185 60 15 it will say on the tires

How many miles fo you get to Toyota 4 runner tires?

I do some towing and long trips. I check my tires and get about 70,000 out of them.