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On the left hand side by your steering wheel theres a swtich with a light on it. Press it. I cannot tell by your question WHICH brake light you're talking about. If it is on the instrument panel, then I don't know. However, if you're talking about the brake lights on the rear of the vehicle staying on, then the cause is probably a misadjusted brake light SWITCH. Or the switch could be defective.

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โˆ™ 2006-11-24 21:06:03
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Q: What would cause the brake light to remain illuminated on a 1992 Volkswagen Golf even when the car is not running?
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What type of brake pads do you need for Volkswagen golf?

Volkswagen golf ones

What is EPC on 2003 Volkswagen jetta?

brake swich

Where is the brake light switch on a Volkswagen transporter?

Its under the motor

Dash light do not work in daytime running position on 2002 Volkswagen Passat?

They are not supposed to. The DRL function only activates low or high beam lights, depending on the model. Interior lights and taillights remain extinguished in order to increase contrast of brake and turn signals as well as lengthen the life of the bulbs.

How do you change the rear brake pads on a 2002 Volkswagen jetta?

How do you get the brake piston to retreat back in caliper ?

1968 volkswagen bus brake lights not working?

Check bulbs, fuse, brake light sensors.

Is there more than one size brake rotor for a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI?

Yes; the Volkswagen Jetta tdi had a thick disk brake in the front end and the rear disk brake is larger in diameter than the front brakes but not as reinforced.

How do you turn off day time running lights in 97 Chevy lumina?

You don't unless you are parked with the engine running. If you are parked and you want the engine running but don't want the daytime running lights on just shut the car off and set the parking brake then start the car back up. The lights should remain off until you release the parking brake.

What causes the brake lights remain on?

Bad brake switch. Typically located at the top of the brake pedal.

Where is the master cylinder on a Volkswagen golf?

Look to see where you fill the brake fluid and where your filling the brake fluid that is the master cylinder.

Diagram for a 2001 volkswagen jetta 2.0 brake sensor on how to change it?

wire for brake sensor just loose where does it hook to

How do you change the rear brake light in a 2000 Volkswagen Beetle?

see link

What is the expected lifespan of a brake caliper in a VW?

a volkswagen? . . . . . bout 10 minutes

Replace rear brake pads 2006 volkswagen jetta?

Go to the Dealer!!!

Where is brake fluid reservoir in a volkswagen bus?

Behind the front driver seat.

ABS Light - Volkswagen Polo 2002 1.2?

An ABS light on the 2002 Volkswagen Polo refers to the assisted brake system. When the light shines it means there is something currently wrong with the brake system and should be serviced.

Does a Volkswagen jetta use brake fluid?

Either DOT 3 or DOT 4.

What type of brake light bulb use for 2002 volkswagen jetta?

The brake light bulb lamp part number will depend on if you have a 2002 volkswagen jetta wagon or sedan. See sources and related links below for more information.

Does the engine have to be on to release the parking brake for a 94 Seville?

The engine does not have to be running to release the parking brake on your 1994 Cadillac Seville. The parking brake can be engaged or released without the engine running.

What type of brake light bulb do you need for a 2004 Volkswagen Jetta wagon?

1157 or 1077.

What would cause the rear brakes of a 1999 Volkswagen New Beetle to lock up?

Corroded brake wheel cylinder, or caliber, parking brake stuck.

What bulb do you need for 2007 Volkswagen golf brake light?

See sources and related links below for the brake lamp and light bulb list information.

Car stops running when brake?


Does the car have to be running to add brake fluid?


Why do the rear brake lights remain on the 92 Honda LX?

Brake light switch needs adjusting or replacement.