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What causes a 1997 Toyota Starlet to vibrate a lot when put in reverse?

motor mounts

Why does the diesel car vibrate violently when idling or when reverse gear is engaged?

Possibly due to engine mount

1993 Toyota Camry and it seems to vibrate a lot when only in reverse Why is this?

bad engine mounts... Toyota is known for this.

Why would a 2002 ford focus shake or vibrate when in reverse not driving down the road?

Busted motor mount.

Why does the eardrum vibrate when sound waves strike it?

When you beat the drum, it produces the sound. The reverse is also true. When sound strike the drum, it vibrates.

Which state do the molecules vibrate?

They vibrate in all states.Solid - barely vibrate at allLiquid - vibrate a littleGas - vibrate a lot

Why would a 97 Ford Escort have a vibration noise when going in reverse?

The engine may vibrate causing the front bumper pab=nel to rattle.

What is vibrate?

vibrate is somthink

Why does my 2001 Pontiac grand am SE vibrate when in Drive and you come to a stop but only vibrates on Drive not in park or neutral or reverse?

inspect the upper motor mount

Why does your E string on your guitar vibrate so much when you play a powerchord?

The vibrations are what makes the sound. The higher strings vibrate very quickly so it is difficult to see, but the low pitch of the low E string means that you can see it vibrating.

Can an iPad vibrate?

No, an iPad doesn't vibrate

How do you use the word vibrate in a sentence?

The piano strings vibrate when struck. The singer's vocal chords vibrate when she sings. The flag pole will vibrate when struck by lightning.

Do particles vibrate slower when heated?

No, they vibrate faster.

What is the sentence for vibrate?

I set my cell phone to vibrate.

Why do your gauges vibrate when you start your car?

Cars vibrate.

Can your iPad vibrate?

Yes, All iPad's can vibrate.

Why does your groin vibrate?

Someone is ringing you, you have your phone on vibrate.

Do atoms vibrate less when they are hotter?

No, they vibrate more.

Why do hamsters vibrate?

hamster's vibrate when they are really frighten or cold

Can you make a sentence with the word vibrate?

My phone started to vibrate.

How fast does light vibrate?

Well, it can vibrate very fast.

What is the abstract noun for vibrate?

the abstract noun for vibrate is vibration

Should the ignition coil vibrate?

No, they do vibrate to a degree as they are generally mounted to the engine and it vibrates but it should not vibrate due to its operation.

How does a pencil vibrate?

pencils vibrate when someone moves it or shakes it.pencils also vibrate when there's an earthquake.

How does the strings vibrate in a violin?

They vibrate because when you slide the ~bow~ across the strings it makes them vibrate or go like this. but u will have to make the bow let go of the violen to make it vibrate