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check your clutch fluid...i had the same problem on my s-10. if your clutch fluid is low fill it up with either clutch fluid or break fluid works too. make sure that your master cylinder isn't leaking too, this could be the cause of low clutch fluid. (you should check that every six months)

New Answer HeadlineThe slave cylinder needs replacing. This is located under the vehicle, possibly on passenger side as long as it is an external one however on some truck models it will be located inside the front of the transmission thus meaning transmission must be dropped to get to it This is what makes your clutch work very similar to the breaking system beings how at times if had a leak you would need to top off the fluid level(brake fluid) and then bleed the clutch to remove air from line and to bring pedal pressure back up that will in turn allow you to shift gears the slave cylinder will have a bleed nipple on it just like your brake lines do AnswerIt depends on the car.

If your clutch is hydraulic--not all of them are, kids--you've either got a low (well, no) fluid condition, a bad master cylinder, a bad clutch cylinder or a leak somewhere between the two cylinders.

If it's a cable-operated clutch, the cable needs adjusting really bad.

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Q: What would cause the clutch to press to the ground and the car will not go into gear without extreme force?
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