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Some cartrides are hot/cold specific. The hole that allows the water to pass thru the cartridge will not close because you can't turn it far enough. Some cartrides are hot/cold specific. The hole that allows the water to pass thru the cartridge will not close because you can't turn it far enough.

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What would cause the kitchen faucet to keep running?

The rubber stop washer has failed.

What would cause an extremely loud vibration in your house when running hot water in a sink if you just replaced the old worn-out seals with new ones you had to make yourself?

If water gets under a faucet washer it can cause a loud vibration when the water is turned on. You either need to find a proper replacment or get a new faucet.

What would cause the kitchen faucet to stop running water?

Someone may have shut off the water to that faucet, or a pipe may have froze, or there may be air in the pipe.

How do you fix slow running kitchen faucet?

One common cause of decrease of water-flow over time is buildup of calcium in the faucet muzzle. Try replacing the muzzle.

What could cause a leaky faucet?

A loose bolt or screw is the most common cause for a leaky faucet

What would cause low water pressure in a bathtub faucet?

The faucet is clogged

What would cause whistling in a kitchen sink faucet?

Try clreaning or replacing your faucet aerator. The faucet doesnt remember the words.

What would cause water pressure to drop at only 1 sink?

A clogged aerator on the end of the faucet would cause the water flow to decrease in that faucet.

What would cause bubbling in toilet when sink faucet is running?

the water pipes of the 2 items are probably connected in the same pipeline. Poor venting or a stoppage down stream

What would cause whistlingin afutchen faucet?

excessive velocity

What would cause a kitchen faucet to turn on by itself?

Nothing, it can not do that .

What would cause water to flow from a faucet when it is turned off?

There are different types of closers for a faucet, rubber seats,O rings, port valves, what ever kind is in your faucet,it is bad. If you have the model of your faucet,you can go to lowes and buy a rebuild kit for it.

Cant get water to come out of your faucet but it comes out the sprayer screen is ok and faucet has been disassembled and put back together?

There is a ball or cartridge in the faucet that diverts the water to the sprayer when you use it. These can become stuck from minerals in the water. You can take it apart and put some CLR or full strength toilet cleaner in it and let it sit for a while. The toilet cleaner can cause burns so be careful with that. Slowly turn the water on just a bit to flush out the cleaner and reassemble. Turn the water on, Hot, hold the sprayer and tap the side of the faucet at the base of the spout with the handle of a table knife or similar weight metal. The vibration may cause the ball to release.

What causes the water to flutter out of one faucet in the house only on the hot side?

A clogged pipe can cause the water to flutter out of one faucet in the house only on the hot side. A broken valve can also cause this.

What does it mean when kitchen sink drips when toilet is fllushed and shower is used?

It means that you should sell your home and move far away! No jk If its your faucet that is dripping I think in time your faucet needs repaired or replaced because if it drips only when you run water at another fixture (faucet) and doesn't drip if you have everything off then you have a strange faucet but its most likely caused by water hammer (sudden stop of water flow) and if you don't think its cause by that then it also could be from water pressure which when you turn on another faucet and the pressure drops a little and from the drop of pressure and it vibrates your seal in your faucet which could make it drip but very rare but possible.

What would cause a downstairs toilet to start running when an upstairs toilet is flushed both toilets keep running until a faucet or the washing machine is turned on?

the most likely answer to this question is a faulty washer, the reason it keeps running until the washing machine is turned on is cause the pressure is being withdrawn from the toilet. replace the washers to the toilets and monitor. if this fails you may have to consider replacing all the mechinisims inside

Why does turning on one faucet cause significant pressure loss in every other faucet in the house?

Turning on one faucet will cause a pressure drop at any other faucet that is running, but you say it is a "significant" drop - that implies that you have low water pressure, period. You might to consult with a plumber to see if anything can be done - if you live in a house with very old steel plumbing pipes, replacing them can make a noteworthy difference (it's not cheap, of course). Or possibly, you have an unusually low pressure system, perhaps a gravity feed system. Installing a water pump will solve any inconvenience, such as the shower almost quitting when a toilet is flushed elsewhere.

What will cause your running lights on a 98 gmc sierra to work but your dim headlights not work?

If by "dim headlights" you mean low-beams... the bulbs are bad and must be replaced.

What would cause a grinding noise after a tire is replaced?

What would cause a grinding noise after a tire is replaced and the brakes are not worn?

Why is my hot water faucet in bathroom have a loud squeal when I turn it on?

Your most likely cause and the easiest and cheapest to repair is probably related to a bad washer or O ring on the washer cartridge stem. This is how I fixed the problem in my kitchen sink about 20 minutes ago. Shut off the water supply to the sink if it is a single line or to the affected faucet if it is a a two line system. Next, remove the noisy faucet and cartridge assembly. Unscrew the cartridge completely from the hold down nut and inspect the washer on the bottom of the stem as well as the o ring about midway up. replace both of these with the appropriate size and set the cartridge aside for a moment. Next, take some fine steel wool (I recommend using an SOS pad) and carefully clean the threads and the seat on the hold down nut. Do the same to the threads on the stem and pay particular attention to the area at the bottom of the stem as that is where a lot of residue and calcium buildup can occur. Now put the cartridge assembly back together and replace the assembly in the sink. Voila...problem solved and it didn't cost an arm and a leg to have a plumber come to your house.

Why is there no water coming from one faucet in the bathroom?

If there are supply valves feeding the supply lines connecting your faucet, they may be closed, or simply your faucet components/inserts and or supply lines may be restricted.ANS 2 - most common cause for this is a plugged aerator or stop valve.

Can you fire a 38 caliber bullet in a 357 magnum repeating Uberti model 1873 Winchester rifle?

If your question is reffering to the .38 special cartridge then yes it should be able to handle this cartridge in a rifle chambered for .357 Magnum.Be aware that firing a shorter cartridge will cause a build up lead or powder fouling in the chamber that has been cut for the longer cartridge and may cause chambering difficulties of the longer round after many shots of the shorter cartridge.

What would cause 20 amp fuse for starter fuel blow replaced and lasted 2 weeks happened again does not happen when running?

Sounds like a failed starter.

What can cause loss of water pressure in a faucet when all other faucets work fine?

Unscrew the aerator from the end of the faucet where the water comes out and clean the screen. Sediment build up slows the flow.

What would cause a tub faucet to lose water pressure when the other faucets work?

check for leaks