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The injectors really don't "fire". They squirt a very fine mist of gas that is then "fired" The injectors could have a plugged tip and not be squirting the mist of gas. A few cans of injector cleaner could be added to the gas tank which would clean the pinholes at the end of the injectors. You could also change the injectors to new ones. (Not horribly expensive) BUT if all the injectors fail all at once, the computer could be to blame by not sending the correct info to the the injectors,and no gas is being sprayed into the engine. I'd suggest getting the engine hooked up to a diagnostic computer at a reliable garage to see whats up. Good Luck!

I looked and looked for a year to as why my fuel injectors on my Mercury Capri were not working.i found a post a fellow put up about a blue wire that gives power to the injectors.This wire is only visible after removing the cruise control box on the drivers side and or the windshield washer fluid reservoir.

You will see a big green connector with the large blue wire going thru it.Mine was corroded to the point as where i touched it,it came off both ends of the connector.

I cut the wires back and one butt connector later,my capri started right up.

Hope this helps!

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Q: What would cause the fuel injectors on a 1993 Mercury Capri not to fire?
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