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There is probably something wrong with the fan motor. It could be the fan motor has a bad switch or connection or the fan motor could be bad. The above Answer might be true in some cause's but before I replaced a fan motor I'd check the fuse first. The blower cage could be dirty. I'd bet it's a resistor or a relay. Usually they are right next to the fan somewhere. The wires split off from the the bundle and go to the fan and the resistor.

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Q: What would cause the heater to produce heat but not blow air no matter which setting it is on?
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Should you set your hot water heater at 140f?

NO! 100-120F setting normal. 140F can cause accidental scalding.

Can a thermostat cause heater in house to blow cold air?

No, not if it's on a heat setting. Most home thermostats have a "Fan" setting that will blow cold air if the attic is cold.

Would the fuse in the heater relay cause the heater to leak into the car?


What is the cause of a heater fan in a 2003 Alero to only make noise when on the defrost setting?

was there something on your dash that fell in the vent, a bad fan will make noise all the time.

What can cause white smoke from exhaust when heater is on?

I feel these are unrelated but you can investigate a leak in the hoses leading to the heater core as they maybe leaking onto the exhaust pipe, that would produce white smoke, but not from within the tailpipe exhaust. Water and oil leaks will produce white smoke the smell will help you determine which it is.

Will a leaking heater core cause your car to overheat?

A leaking heater core will cause the engine to overheat because the coolant is leaking out.

Can an air bubble cause your car to overheat and have no heat inside?

yesYes when an air bubble makes it to the water pump the water stops circulating and there for you will over heat and the heater core will no longer produce heat through the cars heater vents.

What would cause a car heater to not blow on the foot setting?

the heater box is under the dashboard most of the time in the middle. The heater blowing system have doors . The door for the foot is next to your leg he have one metal cable could be this come out. If yes, have to clip it back. This electric its more difficult but just check first

How does matter cause pollution?

Matter does not cause pollution. Human beings do.

Will a space heater cause a fire?

A space heater by itself will not cause a fire. However, not following the space heater safety guidelines may start a fire. Actions that may increase the risk of fire include, but are not limited to: Leaving blankets or clothes on the heater, leaving anything flammable near the heater, and leaving the heater on in an unattended environment.

If the eletricity is on and not the gas will this cause damage to the water heater?


What can cause the heat not to blow at all on any setting cold or hot in a 1994 sedandeville?

Low coolant level and/or coolant leak and/or blown head gasket or inoperative heater core blend door.

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