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If the pipes are old, it's most likely that corrosion has built up inside them. Some of this buildup may have become dislodged and clogged the path to the low-pressure faucet.

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Q: What would cause the hot water pressure to suddenly drop at one faucet but not at all the faucets?
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What would cause a tub faucet to lose water pressure when the other faucets work?

check for leaks

What can cause loss of water pressure in a faucet when all other faucets work fine?

Unscrew the aerator from the end of the faucet where the water comes out and clean the screen. Sediment build up slows the flow.

What causes high water pressure in the first faucet on the water line from where it enters the house. The cold water is under high pressure but other faucets in house are fine.?

Possibly a pressure reducing valve installed after piping for first faucet, which would cause situation describing.

What would cause low water pressure in a bathtub faucet?

The faucet is clogged

What is the vibration sound in your pipes after you run water?

When your faucets are off, the water is sitting still. As soon as you open a faucet, water starts flowing out due to the pressure created by your water pump. Whenever you turn the water faucet off, the water supply is cut at the spigot and now all that water that was moving has now stopped, suddenly. Sometimes, when the pressure is too high, it can cause what is called water hammer. Water hammer is when a faucet is turned off, a shockwave is sent through the pipes, vibrating them sometimes throughout the entire house.

What would cause water pressure to drop at only 1 sink?

A clogged aerator on the end of the faucet would cause the water flow to decrease in that faucet.

What would cause a drastic drop in water pressure in all faucets?

A leak in the supply pipe.

What cause the black build up on your water faucet?

The black build up is mold. Yeah, gross huh? You should try Lysol spray on your faucets.

What would cause the cold water in all your faucets to have zero pressure but the hot water pressure is fine?

Lots of stuf can cause it including sediment or a blocked supply line

What causes a whistling noise coming from the shower faucet the faucet to fill the tub the whistling is constant Any ideas on how to fix it and if it going to cause serious problems?

A whistling noise coming from the shower faucet or when filling the bathtub could mean that there is excess air in the water line. This can be fixed by turning off the major water supply valve and then opening all of the faucets in the home for about 5 minutes. Shut all of the faucets off, then turn the water supply back on.

What could cause a leaky faucet?

A loose bolt or screw is the most common cause for a leaky faucet

Why does turning on one faucet cause significant pressure loss in every other faucet in the house?

Turning on one faucet will cause a pressure drop at any other faucet that is running, but you say it is a "significant" drop - that implies that you have low water pressure, period. You might to consult with a plumber to see if anything can be done - if you live in a house with very old steel plumbing pipes, replacing them can make a noteworthy difference (it's not cheap, of course). Or possibly, you have an unusually low pressure system, perhaps a gravity feed system. Installing a water pump will solve any inconvenience, such as the shower almost quitting when a toilet is flushed elsewhere.

What can cause water pressure to slowly drop after the main water valve is shut off and no faucets drip or visable leaks?

With no air in the system anywhere, there would be nothing to hold pressure, so the slightest leak would cause the system to go to zero.

What would cause whistling in a kitchen sink faucet?

Try clreaning or replacing your faucet aerator. The faucet doesnt remember the words.

What does it mean when kitchen sink drips when toilet is fllushed and shower is used?

It means that you should sell your home and move far away! No jk If its your faucet that is dripping I think in time your faucet needs repaired or replaced because if it drips only when you run water at another fixture (faucet) and doesn't drip if you have everything off then you have a strange faucet but its most likely caused by water hammer (sudden stop of water flow) and if you don't think its cause by that then it also could be from water pressure which when you turn on another faucet and the pressure drops a little and from the drop of pressure and it vibrates your seal in your faucet which could make it drip but very rare but possible.

Cause for vacuum drop in steam turbine?

suddenly when increase the load,gland sealing pressure or temperture will high..

What is considered a serious situation that could cause the mast to suddenly or slowly lower in a forklift?

A loss of hydraulic fluid can cause a serious situation with the mast. It would cause the mast to lower slowly or suddenly. Also if there is a break in the chain that holds the mast at a certain level, it would cause it to fall suddenly.To reduce the pressure in the fuel line , the forklift operator should

What would suddenly cause changes in pressure and noise in your plumbing system?

I've had that before, and it is generally air in the lines, caused by a clog.

In a double sink vanity what would cause low water pressure in one sink but not the other?

Kinked hose or obstruction in the water line between the wall and the faucet.

What would cause all water pressure to stop?

Stopped at all faucets? Didn't pay the water bill. If in cold climate, the line from the outside to probably the water heater has probably frozen.

What could cause a high-pitched whine that happens for about 15 seconds when the faucets or showers in a house are turned on?

There may be air trapped in the pipes. Open every faucet and spigot in the house, and let the water run for at least 1 minute. This may stop the madness.

Water sputters from the faucets and then ceases to run What would cause this?

Loose material in the water lines, perhaps. If your water has recently been shut off and the lines drained, the material can be forced to the faucets when the air is evacuated. There are choke points at the shut-off valves and the faucet cartridges or stems, and the aerator; depending on style and brand of faucet. The dip tube in a water heater will deteriorate and break into little, white pieces causing a blockage. The anode can also break into tiny pieces. If your house in supplied by a well or sand point with a pressure tank, calcium and minerals can accumulate on the bladder wall inside the tank. If the pump loses prime, the bladder will collapse and the deposits will release and head straight for the faucet that you open first once the pump is restored to operation. Takes a few tries to get it all out. If all of the faucets are doing this, then turn off your main water valve, open an outside hydrant, and then open your faucets. The draining water may create enough vacuum to remove the material. Leave the hydrant "on" when you turn the water back on and let it run for a few minutes. Hope this helps.

What would cause whistlingin afutchen faucet?

excessive velocity

What would cause a kitchen faucet to turn on by itself?

Nothing, it can not do that .

What would cause water to flow from a faucet when it is turned off?

There are different types of closers for a faucet, rubber seats,O rings, port valves, what ever kind is in your faucet,it is bad. If you have the model of your faucet,you can go to lowes and buy a rebuild kit for it.