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What would cause the plastic inside the grids that are 1 week old to break on a Hayward pro-grid series DE filter?


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2007-08-10 04:13:54
2007-08-10 04:13:54

Possibly the system is "over pumped" meaning, too much horsepower or waterflow in GPM for your system. Need to know size of pump in hp, size of filter in sq. ft, size of plumbing in inches (ie 1 1/4", 1 1/2" , 2", 3"), Does the system have a heater? Sounds like the system is not balanced for hydrolics.





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Top of the engine, under and inside a removable plastic lid.Top of the engine, under and inside a removable plastic lid.

Top of the engine, under and inside a removable plastic lid.Top of the engine, under and inside a removable plastic lid.

The filter is on the passenger side at the bottom rear of the engine. It is a paper filter inside a permanent black plastic screw in cover.

The engine air filter is in the engine compartment , on the passenger side front corner , inside the plastic housing

On the front of the engine inside a plastic cover with a 27mm "nut"

Yes. Inside the plastic cup is a coffee filter lining that holds the grounds.

The fuel filter is located on the underside of the car, just forward of the left rear wheel. It is inside of a black plastic shield which must be lowered to remove/install the filter.

There is a large plastic cover under the hood covering the engine. On right side it says "oil filter". Under that is the oil filter. You need to remove the 4 bolts holding on the plastic cover and then remove the cap to the oil filter (with an oil filter wrench). The oil filter is inside. The cap does not get replaced.

in the oil pan its called a cartrige filter and its inside a 2.5 inch diameter circuler plastic tube

remove all stuff in the glove compartment press both side of the inside plastic of the compartment going inside direction pull out the black filter and replace

Right front bottom corner of the engine block. It is in a black plastic canister that unscrews and the filter cartridge is inside. where can I locate the oil filter?

The ENGINE air filter is located in the engine compartment , near the front , on the drivers side . It is a cone shaped filter inside the round plastic housing

Should be some plastic ducting routed alongside radiator-look inside.

Check plastic ducting next to rad-usually inside.

You will find the oil filter inside a alloy filter body housing righ near the oil filler cap under the plastic cover on the passenger side of the vehicle.

The oil filter is under the engine cover, just behind the orange oil dipstick. You will most likely need to get a special tool to remove the cap. The oil filter is inside. It's not a twist on filter like most vehicles. The filter sits inside a housing under the black plastic cap.

Lift the plastic cover off the top of the engine the Air filter lid is towards the back of the engine.loosen star bolts with an Allen key and lift lid towards you. The filter is inside. Replace and refit lid and plastic cover

It is inside the black plastic housing under the hood, driver side.

the oil filer on a 307 is located beneath the engine cover on the front of the engine inside a plastic housing, the filter is a paper element type.

Its inside the passenger side front fender. Remove the plastic cover. Replace as you would any other Lincoln filter.

In the engine compartment , drivers side , front corner , inside the round plastic housing ( cone shaped air filter )

There isn't a sensor inside the air filter.There isn't a sensor inside the air filter.

Little bit different from the previous versions. The filter is inside of a metal casing. You have to take the casing off. Then use this little plastic gadget to drain the oil from the filter first(comes with new filter) and the you can replace it.

:THE BENZ GUY: its next 2 the oil cap u might have 2 remove the plastic mercedes engine cover its a round piece of plastic when u unscrew it all the way the filter is inside

There should be a black box located on the left, inside your engine bay, mine's made out of plastic, your air filter should be located in there.

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