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cable ends slipped and roof no longer pulled far enough when cable ferrule reaches stop switch and shuts off motor. get help with. not going to be EZ. you will not learn to love fixing cars doing this one.

I had just got a 97 VW Jetta GLS, and The sunroof did not work properly. it would not come althe way forward and, upon investigation, was the result of the drive cable breaking off of the lift arm for the sunroof. This not only kept if from lifting properly, but also from shutting.

the tracks are worn out . i had to remove the wind deflector to get to close

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โˆ™ 2015-07-17 17:55:09
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Q: What would cause the sunroof of a 97 VW Jetta to stop coming up all the way and therefore not seal Does not appear to be anything loose?
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