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Also, this could also be a corroded thermostat in need of replacement. This just happened to my '89 Accord where I needed to stop every 3-4 minutes and stop for 10 minutes and bleed the squealing steam from the radiator cap. It's an easy $25 fix. I couldn't figure it out and paid $120 bucks to the mechanic. The second answer is the correct one. Thank you. The engine is really overheating. You most likely need to put water /antifreeze in your radiator to fill it up to the top again -- driving for 3 or 4 years without changing the coolant will cause this temperature guage to go up and down - sometimes it would stay on hot and other times went up and down like a yo-yo. How do I know? Because I had an '89 that did this -- when I topped off the fluid, then it stopped. Yeah it was that simple.

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Q: What would cause the temperature gauge to read normal then jump to the highest mark on a 1989 Honda Accord?
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The temperature gauge sending unit, located on a 1989 Honda Accord LXI is located on the thermostat. It is the small connection with a single wire sticking out of it.

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The water temperature sensor on your 1991 Honda accord, is located on the front of the engine. The sensor is above the water thermostat housing.

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list all fuses and manual resets for the electrical system on a Honda accord lx 2.2 l engine

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the temp sensor is right behind the distributor

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On the dash, right below the temperature gauge.

Where is the coolant temperature sensor tw located on a 1988 Honda Accord 4-cylinder fuel injected with a manual trans located?

The 1988 Honda Accord coolant temperature sensor can be found on the front of the engine. The coolant temperature sensor will be a few inches above the thermostat housing.

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