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Bad pump, no fluid, plugged line, broken line, bad switch, blown fuse, wiring problem.

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Q: What would cause the washer squirters not to work?
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On 1992 Toyota Pickup what would cause the windshield wipers and washer to not work?

most likely the fuse is blown

Why doesnt window washer work in 1992 Town Car Wipers work ok but washer doesn't work?

need windshield washer motor

How do you fix a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan washer when you turn on the front squirter the rear squirter would work and if you turn on the rear squirter the front squirter would work?

The hoses on the washer fluid pump motor are in the wrong locations. On the bottom of the washer fluid bottle, there is a pump. Swap the rubber hoses and it should work properly.

Can an Ipod still work after being washed in a washer?

why on earth would you want to know? does the ipod say "waterproof" on the back? or in the manual? or the box? NO! no ipod is. so i would figure that no, it would die in the washer.

Why would the rear wiper and washer fluid not work on a ford expedition?

In relation to the washer fluid, check if the fluid tube is not twisted or blocked in anyway.

What would make a washer on a stackable unit not work if the dryer does?

Does the washer not work at all, or does it just not work when it's trying to rinse? It may be a lid switch. If the washer does not work at all, it may be the timer. Pull the timer from the unit and check to see if any of the "fingers" are stuck, sticking, or burnt. If so, change it. The timer is the "Brains" of the washer... it tells it when to start, cycle, & stop. Sounds to me like this is more than likely your problem. The washer allowed water to be drawn in and then went to "L".

What would cause a headlight not to work on a Corsa SXI 2002?

What would cause a headlight not to work on a Corsa SXI

Your windscreen washer jets used to work on your 2001 Passat worked intermittently but now have stopped working altogether The nozzles are not blocked What could cause this?

Check the washer fluid pickup screen and/or pump.

Could a power washer stored in a garage below 40 degrees for two years cause the power washer not to work or be as strong?

Yes its possible that the motor can suffer moisture damage especially the brushes which are made of carbon.

What would cause the windshield washer pump to barely work on a 1999 VW Jetta?

If Your Question Is That You Are Not Getting Much Water Onto The Windshield. Look For The Screen To Be Partially Stopped Up In The Washer Fluid Tank Or The Hose. Also You Could Have A Small Hole In The Line Not Allowing The Unit To Pull The Fluid To The Wipers.

What could cause my washer fluid syster to now work on a 1997 Saturn SW2?

If it now works it could be a bad connection to the sprayers.

What would cause a signal light to work sometimes?

I have a 2000 olds alero and the signal light only work sometimes, What would cause that?

What would cause windshield washer to stop working?

I don't know unless the pump is bad. I have a 98 XLT that the front washer doesn't work but the back one does. So it's not the pump since the same pump is used for the front and back. It may be the switch, GEM, or a relay... but I'm not smart enough to troubleshooting.

What type of windshield washer does an altima Nissan teakes?

Any brand washer fluid will work.

Will your US washer and dryer work in the UK?

No, your United States washer and dryer will not work in the United Kingdom. Both countries have different power outlets.

What would cause the instrument panel on a 1997 Ford F-150 not to work?

What would cause the instrument panel on a 1997 ford pickup 150 not to work?

How does a strap lock mechanism work?

Strap locks work by means of a washer. A washer is placed in the narrow, tapered end of the strap button. The wide, outside tapered end of the strap then prevents the washer from slipping, as it is screwed tight.

What would cause your all wheel drive not to work?

i have a 95 Chevy astro van.what would cause the all wheel drive to work sometimes but not all the time?

Would cooling a magnet reduce its magnetic properties?

Cooling a magnet would cause the magnets atoms to work slower. THIS would cause the magnetic force to work faster, increasing its strengh.

How do you get washer fluid to work in 1987 wrangler when the wipers work fine?

There is a pump motor in the bottom of the washer bottle that pushes the fluid. Check to see if it might be dead.

Will a car pass a mot if the windscreen washer does not work?


What do you do if a mp3 player goes through the washer and dryer?

It probably wont work from the washer, but you can try charging it to see if it works

Washer pump not working on 97 Dakota Wipers work but no power to pump fuses are good do you replace wiper motor?

Probably not. The washer pump is usually on or in the washer fluid reservoir.

Why wont a 2000 Malibu washer pump work?

If you don't hear it running when you press the washer button the motor is probably burnt out.

What do you do after your pokewalker goes through the washer?

There's not much you can do if it doesn't work. It says in the game manual DON'T LET IT GO INTO THE WASHER!