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Unfortuneately the most likely (only) problem is the ignition switch shorted internally If you look at the wires going into the switch you will most likely see that a black wire is melted This is a ground wire for the switch All the insulation may be bubbled or melted right off You need a switch and that wire replaced if you see this. Either way i think you need a switch

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โˆ™ 2005-10-04 20:39:56
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Q: What would cause white smoke to come from the ignition switch and dash board on a 1997 Saturn SL1 Now the car will not start just cranks?
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How do you get the flashing spanner off the dash board in a Renault megane?

switch engine off wait 15 seconds then switch ignition back on. it works on my car.

How do you replace the starter switch on a Ford 350 Econoline Van not the cylinder switch where the key goes but the switch the actuator activates?

2 screws on the opposite side of ignition unplug the switch dash board cover off

How do you replace the ignition switch on a 1973 Camaro?

The ignition switch lives on top of the steering column under the dash board. It is normally retained by two or three screws depending and may have two separate wiring plugs. Its a pain to change but not a big deal.

How do I replace a Volvo S40 ignition switch?

you need to take apart the entire dash board, pop the old one out and pop the new one in. this requires a lot of time, patients and experience. (taking apart the dash board, not putting in the switch)

1998 Oldsmobile intrigue the dash board says security and my car will not turn on how can i fix this?

Probably the ignition key switch...I have the same problem

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How do you install an ignition switch on a 91 Pontiac Sunbird?

probably unsrew the old ignition and disconnect it from the cars battery then replace the new ignition and reconnect it to the car battery. you may or will need to take apart the dash board somehow. or you could just ask a mechanic.

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The ignition switch is located on the bottom of the steering column on the top of the steering shaft the side closest to the dash board. First you have to disconnect the 4 bolts holding the support plate that holds the steering column. Then pull the steering column down as far as it will go. Then you disconnect the 4 screws holding the ignition switch. Take off the old one and replace it with the new one. The new ignition switch will have grooves in it so that you can adjust it. You want to push it as close to the steering wheel as you can get it then tighten down the screws. reassemble the steering column and the start it and drive away!!

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96 jeep grand Cherokee that shut down you have replaced the coil fuel relay ASD relay fuel pump What else could it be There is no power to the dash board gauges fuel pump and ignition system?

Blown fuse or bad ignition switch or crank sensor?

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How do you replace the ignition switch on a 1990 Grand Marquis?

turn the key to the on position ..till the lights in the dash board turn on .with a pointy object push in a passer under the ingniton swit and pull out ch

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Pull the light switch to the "on" position,then reach up behind the dash board to the back of the headlight switch,which isn't very far up the back of the dash board,feel around on the switch for a spring loaded button on the switch body,push the sring loaded button and pull the switch shaft out. After the switch shaft is out,there is a flat nut with slots cut on the front of it on the outside of the dash holding the switch to the dash board,turn the flat nut CCW to remove the nut. This should release the switch from the dash board,pull switch from the back of the dash,unplug switch.Replace in reverse order.

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How do you remove a ignition switch on a 1996 camaro?

Disconnect the battery so you don't blow the air bag. Remove the trim panels under the dash board. The ignition switch is connected to the lock cylinder by a rod. Remove the screws that hold the switch in place and then remove the rod from the lock cylinder. Rick I'm a retired ASE Master/L-1 Technician. I still keep current with the latest automotive technology. Visit my blog for cool articles and TSB's:

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