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I have a '91 Lumina with a 3.1 Tuned port. I know that the 3.1 uses push rods & therefore it most likely has hydraulic lifters. If this is so, it's possible that one or more of your hydraulic lifters is collapsed/leaky. The lifter is just a little rubber cylider filled w/oil, designed to soften the blow of the cam ramming the push rod up onto the rocker arm & also to delay the retraction of the push rod so that kinetic force & momentum won't cause the push rod & cam & rocker arm to lose contact with one another, ( & therefore knock). If the hydraulic lifter is collapsed/leaky, it will create a gap in the cam/push rod/lifter/rocker arm contact chain until the oil pressure comes up to it's regular pressure shortly after startup, at which time the lifter will fill with oil & expand to fill the gap. But on startup & just as you turn off the engine, the oil pressure is low & therefore the bad lifter causes a knock when it's empty. Watch your oil pressure gauge & see if the times of low pressure does indeed correspond to the time when it knocks. This is just a therory of mine mind you, I could very well be wrong. But I thought I'd throw this idea out there & see what you think! Good luck! Don

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Q: What would cause your 1992 chev lumina to make short knocking noise in engine on start up until turning engine off then knocking again?
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No it will not. Has nothing to do with engine knocking. You need to define the word KNOCK. Need to ask your question again. THANK YOU.

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ok where is the knocking coming from, brakes, engine ? only happens during acceleration ? if it is truly an engine knock, check oil immediately, but maybe to late, again need more info.

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You have 85 celebrity 28 carb loud knocking from lower engine loss of power oil changed regulary no leakage usage took oil cap off with engine running looked dry could it be oil pump or rod knocking?

The rod knocking is caused by loss of oil pressure. Did the oil light not come on? That light is red, red means stop. Do not start this engine again until the problem is corrected. You are probably looking at way more than just installing a new oil pump if the engine was run for very long without oil pressure. A complete overhaul may be in order.

Why would the service engine light in a 1996 Chevy Lumina LS 3.4 stay on for several days go off for a week and then come on again?

Take it to auto zone and have the codes read for free.

Why does lifters rap when you first start your 97 lumina ls but clears up until next morning when starting again?

While the engine is turned off the oil will drain from the top of the engine. The Lumina has hydraulic lifters and uses oil to move them. The lifters will "tap" until the oil builds up enough to hold them up. Make sure that the engine has enough oil, that the oil pressure is ok, and that the oil does not need changing. If these are ok then an additive may be added to aid in quieting noisy lifters.

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