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This may be a crankshaft sensor. It will be intermediate and will not show a code. It may also be the the Engine Control Module and/or the Mass Air Flow Sensor. I speak from experience.

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Q: What would cause your 1995 buick park ave to just turn off while driving then you put it in park and turn it right on again with no problem?
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If the 1995 buick century quits while driving and won't start again?

There are several reasons that can cause your 1995 Buick Century to quit running. The most common reason is a lack of fuel. A bad fuel pump can cause the engine to quit running.

Having a problem with your 1989 buick park avenue shutting down while driving then will start back up if it sits a minute?

My 92 PA had a similar problem. Either the cam or crank sensor can cause this problem. If it is the fault, the error code can be read out from the computer. Mine would fail after the engine warmed up but would start again later.

Can a camshaft on a 95 Buick park ave cause a car to stall out while driving?


What would cause my 1998 buick park avenue to start then shuts off after 15 minutes and wont start again?

My 92 PA had the same problem. After it cooled down it would start again. The crank and the cam sensors were found to be bad. These were replaced and I have had no problem since.

What would cause a 2007 Cadillac to completely shut off while driving then after a while it started again?

Possibly the crank case oil sensor. Had the same symptoms on a Buick LeSabre '91

What are problems that drunk driving can cause?

Death is the most severe problem.

What causes a cars rpm to suddenly jump while driving?

What can cause the RPM on a car to jump while driving is a problem with the transmission. It could be a problem with the gears in the transmission itself.

What would cause a 1992 Chevy Camaro to suddenly shut off after driving for about 15-20 minutes and then you would be able to start again with no problem?

It's usually the fuel filter when a car does what you describe.

What would cause a 1994 Buick Park Avenue to lose power while driving?

It could be the spark plug wires that's what was wrong with mine.

What would cause the headlights to flash on and off on a 1999 Buick Regal?

If the headlights flash on and off, there may be a problem with the bulbs or fuses. There may also be a problem with the battery connections or wiring.

What problem would cause your lights to cut on and off while driving down the road?

It can lead to an accident

What would cause 1995 Buick supercharged to stall and only turn over It stalled while driving just was coasting?

I had a similar problem with my 1992 Buick Park Avenue - it would cut out while driving - After replacing alot of sensors, maf, and coils etc - which did nothing - i found the problem was with the crankshaft position sensor - this is about $22 at autozone - not too hard to replace. Now no problems with cutting out at all. It could also be the timing belt. If the timing belt fails the engine will stop running and the car will not restart until it is replaced. TommyTrouble

Why would a 1991 Buick Park Ave stall while you are driving it down the highway and then it won't start again for a while?

I have a '92 PA that would die after it warms up. I had to have the crank sensor replaced and later had the cam sensor replaced. Either of these sensors can cause this problem. The computer needs both of these signals to send the fire signal to the correct spark plug. The old distributor used to do this function. Having the error code read out will tell you if this is the problem.

What problems do crank sensors causes?

Problem with Crank sensor will cause 2001 Grand Prix not start when warm until it cool down? will this problem also cause vehicle to stall while driving?

Can a Toyota Camry igniter cause a car to die out when driving and will not start again with only wiith a jump?


What causes a car to shut off while driving?

The mass air sensor sometimes would cause this problem

Hazardous flasher and turning signal do not work on 1999 Buick Park Avenue What will you need to do?

One blown bulb or fuse could cause this problem.

What would cause a 2004 Dodge 2500 Diesel to lose power and die Will not crank?

I had a similar problem with my Mazda 626. The car will completely stall while driving and can not be started again except after few minutes.It turned out to be my distributor electronic ignition component gets overheated and stop functioning.When it cools off it starts again. Replacing the distributor solve the problem.

What could be the problem with the air conditioner in a 1998 Buick Park Avenue that would cause it to blow hot air and the compressor appear not to move when it is turned on?

The most common cause would be low refrigerant.

What causes a 1991 Tord Taurus S H O to just cut off while driving?

The cause for a 1991 Ford Taurus to just cut off while driving is probably a problem with the computer. If the car will start again after about 90 minutes, then check the computer module for code errors.

What would cause a 95 Nissan 240 sx to stall while driving but restart with no problem?

Your a bad driver get a license

What would cause a 2003 silvarado diesel to die while driving and not restart?

the ground to the battery i had the same problem on my truck

What would cause a 1991 Buick Skylark to have rough shifting automatic transmitionand then not even start?

Try changeing the fuel filter,I had the same problem and it helped.

What would cause a 1991 Buick Park Ave to stop running while driving?

Check the battery connections.......this happened to me. Usually the positive post (side mount) is loosened.

How do you check cranckshaft sensor on a 1991 buick park ave 3 8 V6 L?

I had an intermittent problem with that sensor on my PA. When the error code in the computer was checked, it showed up as a problem. I had it replaced. The cam sensor can cause a similar problem.