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What would cause your 1997 GMC jimmy to be stuck in gear?


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Is your Transmission Fluid full?

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just cauls you got 4x4 doesn't mean you wont get stuck

i had this same prob u have a stock anti theift device ( alarm, it will cause it) i hit my alarm button a few times charged the battery and it is good to go now. not sure if that was the cause didnt really get in to it to much but u might wanna try that

Could be that your alternator is not working so you only have the power of your battery keeping you going for 1 hour.

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On my 98 blazer a little light that looks like a gas pump would illuminate when low, a Jimmy should be the same. On a 1997 gmc jimmy, the check engine light comes on if you're very low on fuel.

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You may need to replace the heater\ac control switch, it may be stuck in the off position which would prevent the blower and the ac compressor from turning on.

the most likely cause of that would be the power steering pump failing.

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