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What would cause your breasts to get larger when you are on the birth control pill?

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Hi :-) * Hormones contained in Birth Control Pill. * Pregnancy. * Hormonal imbalance. * Weight gain.

2006-07-26 19:17:24
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Q: What would cause your breasts to get larger when you are on the birth control pill?
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Can tri-sprintec make your breasts larger?

Hormonal birth control cannot make your breasts permanently larger, this is a myth. Hormonal birth control can cause the breasts to swell but this is temporary, no more than you'd see at certain times in your cycle, and it can be accompanied by breast tenderness so not a positive side-effect.

Can birth control make a man grow breasts?

Some birth control drugs contain female hormones that can cause a man to grow breasts.

Can being on birth control help a young woman grow larger breasts?

Not on purpose. It has been known to cause women to gain weight which in turn would also make your breasts larger, nothing to extensive though.

Why else besides pregnancy would breasts enlarge?

Birth control pills can cause breasts to increase in size.

Why are your breasts enlarged?

cause the milk lands become larger

What can cause sore breasts and nipples?

Hello there. A approaching period can cause sore breasts and nipples so can any number of things from clothes or bra rubbing your breasts to early pregnancy symptoms and too much progesterone in your blood, hormonal problems, ovulating and being on birth control.

How can you be self confident with A cup breasts?

Well look at this way, as long as you are an A cup, there will not be enough to sag and get droopy when you get older. Also, if you are an A cup you probably have a thin body frame which is also attractive to guys. If you are lean and only have an A cup your breasts are in proportion with the rest of your body. An A cup is nothing to be ashamed of but I understand. If you ever start taking birth control, it will usually cause your breasts to grow a little bit, so you have that to look forward to if you ever use birth control. (But I suggest having more of a reason than wanting bigger breasts if you choose to get on birth control). Learn good posture and it will make your breasts appear to be larger than if you hunch your back over. Stand with your shoulders back and your chin up. A confident girl with smaller breasts is a lot more attractive to guys than an unconfident girl with small or big breasts!

Does birth control make women's breast grow?

No, birth control does not make a womans breasts grow. There is a myth that hormonal birth control such as the combination pill can cause breast growth - what actually happens is that the synthetic hormones can cause the breasts to swell: this is temporary, no more than a woman could see at certain points in her menstrual cycle naturally, and often accompanied with breast pain. Often women start hormonal birth control in their teens or early twenties when most breast development occurs, and they wrongly attribute growth to the pill.

How much can a womans breasts grow from birth control pills?

Women's breasts don't grow from birth control pills.Hormonal birth control can cause temporary breast swelling but this is temporary, no more than a person would naturally see during the menstrual cycle, and often accompanied by tenderness. Many women use hormonal birth control in their teens and early twenties, when breast growth is most likely to occur, some people mistakenly attribute natural breast growth to use of the birth control pill.

Can contraceptive pills cause breasts to enlarge?

Some women experience breast enlargement with the birth control pill. This side effect may be temporary, and is unpredictable.

Does birth control cause birth deffects?

Although there is very little evidence to prove this some doctors believe that hormonal birth control can cause birth defects.

Can men increase the size of breasts by taking pills?

Yes, the hormone estrogen can cause breasts to become larger in men, so if a pill contains estrogen or promotes the mechanisms in the body that produce estrogen, the breasts can become larger.

Does birth control cause cramps?


Can taking multiple birth control pills cause spotting?

Yes, taking multiple birth control pills can cause spotting.

What are the signs for overdosing on birth control?

Birth control cannot cause an overdose like a narcotic.

Can certain antibiotics cause breast tenderness?

I think they can cause breast tenderness, especially if you are on the pill. I am on the birth control pill myself and last month and this month I was on antibiotics for about five days once last month and once this month. Both times I had extremely sore breasts to the point where I thought I was pregnant, but both times I wasn't. So there must be some link with birth control and antibiotics making breasts sore.

Does birth control cause drowsiness?

It is possible that birth control can cause drowsiness. If this is a persistent issue it is best to consult a health care provider.

My last period ended around 15 days ago and I noticed yesterday that my breasts are sore to the touch What does this mean?

Well, if you are on a birth control pill, then that's most likely the cause. But if you are not on a pill, then the cause is hormone inbalance.

Why would I have my period twice in a month and on birth control?

Birth control can cause this to happen don't worry

Can birth control pills cause miscarriage?

Birth control pills will not harm or end an existing pregnancy.

Birth control can is cause a misscarraige?

It shouldn't because birth control pills don't terminate a pregnancy.

Does paracetamol cause birth control?

Paracetamol does not prevent pregnancy, and it does not affect how well birth control works.

Does Birth control cause bleeding and pain?


Will taking birth control cause miscarriage?

No it will not.

Can stress cause your period to start only two weeks after your last period while on birth control?

No, stress will not cause a "period" on birth control.