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Q: What would happen if the oil ran dry in your vehicle?
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Can I wash clothing in the washing machine that has dry oil based paint on it?

Nothing will happen when you wash them. It is very unlikely anything would happen if the paint was wet.

What happen if you forget the oil in brownies?

The brownies will be dry, maybe not too tasty.

What will happen it is to much oil in the transmission?

Vehicle will operate as if under heavy load.

Does cooking oil dry?

Yes, but very slowly. It would take a long time to dry out one inch of oil.

What happen to birds when they are exposed to oil?

there skin dry out and then they need more water and they are dead

What would happen if crude oil wells dried up?

Scientists have been working on alternative methods of energy for years. Don't worry. They will have it figuered out before the last oil well goes dry.

Why would the check oil light be on when the oil is full?

A bit more information would be useful, like how many miles are on the vehicle. If it isn't a high mileage vehicle, it might be a bad oil pressure sensor.

What would happen if you use 5w30 oil in a 5w20 vehicle?

It might damage the engine because it might be to viscous. You need to check the manual for compatibility. Some engines allow refill with more viscous oil.

How can you make a cake with no oil?

the cake would be nasty and dry

What might happen to the oil rich countries if the oil was used up?

there would be no oil and they would fail and lose money.

What will happen if you put synthetic oil in a traditional oil running vehicle?

Generally you can mix the oils without a problem, check the oil manufacters label for any warnings.

What will happen if you put the dry bread in the oil for two weeks?

Look, figure it out! It's nun of my beeswax!

What could happen to your shores after the oil spill?

oil would fill the lands

What would happen if oil comes in contact with water?

Water and oil are not miscible.

What oil to use in 2003 Xterra?

I would use the basic oil; However if your vehicle has high mileages, I would recommend synthetic oil by Mobil 1.

What happen if oil supply get exhausted?

if oil supply get exhausted then the development of our country will stop and you cannot travel with any of the motor vehicle as we require petrol for it !

What would happen when oil will finished?

everyone will die

What would happen to the ocean food chain if there was a oil spill?

If there was a oil spill the entire ocean ecosystem would be at risk.

Why would a vehicle lose power after running low on oil?

If you ran it out of oil, you may have locked up the engine. It needs oil for lubrication. No engine.

What will happen if a plant covered with oil?

it would still grow

What is oil dry made of?

Your basic oil dry is just saw dust and sand.

What would happen to organisms if there was a oil spill nearby?

It's simple. They would die.

How often should clove oil be put on the dry socket?

I would say as needed.

What would happen to the organisms if there was an oil spill nearby?

If the oil spill nearby, the orgnisms will burn and died.

What would happen if you add oil to water?

nothing. they don't mix or react. oil will float on the water