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Can't know for sure, but I suspect he would have occupied all of Western Europe, including France. After a few years of building up an even larger military machine he would have tried for the Scandinavian countries. If the UK and France had not of acted in September 1939, Germany would have continued building and rearming its army. They would have fininsed construction of their aircraft carriers and war would have started in 1942. Russia probably would have been the target as that was Hitler's original objective.

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Where was Hitler appeased?


When Great Britain and France appeased Hitler and avoided war for another year after which event in 1938?

Munich Conference

Was Hitler appeased at the Yalta conference?


Was appeasement the right policy?

overall, britain and france appeased at the wrong times. for example in the first 3 days britain appeased against hitler but he thought it was stupid and kept on invading poland. overall britain and france appeased but in the wrong places. so yes it was the right policy but we didn't do it right.

Who was the English leader that appeased Hitler?

Neville Chamberlain

In what city was Hitler appeased?

Hitler was appeased in Munich, Germany. And to appease means to give in or gain the good will of someone. In other words, Hitler got his way in Munich Germany. The Germans gave in to his commands.

Who did Hitler invade the most?

France and England were his goals.

What was Hitler's policy of appeasement?

Hitler did not have a policy of appeasement. Great Brittain appeased hitler when he took land.

Who was prime minister of great Britain that appeased Hitler?

Neville Chamberlain

Who was British prime minister appeased Hitler in 1938?

Neville Chamberlain

what country was attacked by Germany while the world appeased Hitler?

Poland .

Who was the British Prime Minister who appeased Adolf Hitler?

Neville Chamberlain was the British prime minister who appeased Adolf Hitler during 1937-1939. He accepted the German and Austrian union, Anchluss in March 1938.

What would have happened to England if Hitler had won?

Bad things.

What are ways that France and Great Britain appeased Hitler?

1. When Hitler marched into Rhineland - 1936 2. Annexed Austria - 1938 3. Annexed Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia - 1938-39. Also, they each allowed Hitler to ignore various parts of the Treaty of Versailles.

When did France and England declare war on Hitler?

3 September 1939

How was Germany appeased over by Sudetenland?

Germany was appeased over by Sudetenland because Hitler believed that it should be part of Germany since they spoke German and they were Germans.

What was the reaction of France and England when Hitler took over Austria and Czechoslovakia?

They were scared

Where did Jews go to be safe when Hitler was ruler?

France ,England, anywhere but Germany

What policy did England and France practice to avoid war with Hitler?

Policy of appeasement

What two countries tried to stop Hitler from invading Poland?

France and England

Who appeased Hitler in the Munich Pact?

Arthur Neville Chamberlain, the British Conservative Prime Minister.

What were the countries that Adolf Hitler ruled like before he ruled them?

its germany england and france

How did the countries of England and France respond when Hitler invaded Poland?

Declared war on Germany

Why did Hitler send troops into Rhineland?

Hitler probably wanted to see how far he could go. France and Britain were to afraid to confront him about anything he did and were avoiding conflict at all costs. They appeased to Hitler, and he no longer thought that they were going to confront him about anything. He probably wanted to see what they would do when he did something that they had forbidden him to do in the treaty of Versilles.

What did France and England do about Hitler?

France surrendered to him, England resisted. Eventually Hitler's military was defeated and it is assumed that he killed himself when he realized that his attempt to rule all of Europe had failed.