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a) Check gear oil level/condition. b) or you have a worn synchronizer. Verify that your clutch linkage is adjusted, if this is a cable linkage vehicle. Hydraulic units are not suppose to be adjustable. Your difficulty with getting the vehicle into first gear could be a result of the throw-out fork not fully releasing the clutch disk; hence the above suggestion to verify that the clutch mechanism is adjusted properly for full travel of the throw-out fork.

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Q: What would it be difficult to shift into first gear?
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If a three speed bike gear shift will not shift from first to second gear what would be the cause?

Cable too slack.

Shift from first to second gear?

Yep, then shift from second to third gear.

Manual stick shift BMW what cause to shake when you shift the first gear?

manual stick shift BMW what cause to shke when i change in to the first gear

Why would a 1998 Chevy Venture only drive in second gear?

My 1997 would not shift out of first gear, was 'throttle position sensor'.

Why won't a transmission shift out of first gear on a 2001 ford explorer?

my 2001 ford windstar wont shift out of first gear.

Which is first gear of a 1952 Chevy?

From the neutral position, pull the shift lever toward you then down, this would be frist greer, aka first gear.

Why would a car reverse in first and second gear and go forward in reverse gear?

Shift linkages not put in the correct spots.

Why it would be difficult to move a 1995 Mazda Protege automatic from Park to another gear?

Bent shift linkage or you are parking on a hill.

When do you shift the gear on a 1000cc bike?

i would say shift in corners

Why would a turbo350 make a sound like it pop's out of gear shifting from first to second gear and then not shift at all?

maybe you broke something!

Why wont turbo 350 shift out of first gear?

If your turbo 350 won't shift out of first gear, it could indicate a frozen transmission gear. You should first check to ensure the fluid levels are in the right place.

Why would the shifter not shift out of first gear on a 1997 Dodge Avenger ES?

It is probably a linkage problem

What if your 1996 Saturn SC1 manual transmission is stuck in first gear what could be the possible problems?

Gear shift linkage?Remove gear shift from top and align

How to shift on a motorcycle?

rev first gear out to 10,000rpm, then grab clutch, and shift up

If the transmission fluid is low will first to second gear shift be delayed?

No it will shift slow.

How do you change a bulb in Pontiac grand am gear shift indicator?

I have a 94 Pontiac Grand AM SE and replacing the bulb on gear shift is difficult. The whole panel that the gear shift sits on can be remove. First pull the pin out from the shift knob its located in the front of the knob just above the metal rod it sits on. Then pull out the knob. After that just pry out the panel carefully at the sides, starting from the cigarette lighter up to where the switch is to adjust the mirror. Disconnect the wire from the cigarette lighter, gear shift and the switch that adjust the mirrors. The bulb is on a circuit that is one with the gear shift indicators.

Where is a synchronizer located at on a Geo Metro?

In a manual transmission between the gears. If one fails it will make it very difficult or impossible to shift in to the lower gear, i.e. if the 2nd gear synchronizer goes out you cant shift from 3rd to 2nd gear

Why would your Mazda 3 gear shift be stuck in park?

neutral safety switch/ or reverse switch faulty thanks. how would i go about replacing the safety switch? is it difficult?

Why would a Cadillac Catera not shift into low gear?

If your not starting in low gear check the little snow flake button next to the gear shift. If this has been pressed your starting in 3 rd. gear.

Why won't the transmission shift out of first gear?

* modulator valve

Will not shift from first gear?

Make sure you push in the clutch.

How do you remove gear shift knob on slk 320?

To remove the gear shift knob on the SLK 320, first pry the cover from the gear shift knob. Then, use a screwdriver to remove the screw in the center of the knob. This will then allow the knob to be removed.

What are the two d's on the gear shift for?

What are the two d's on the gear shift for>

What is 4 down 1 up on a dirt bike?

That is a shift pattern, only problem is your pattern would be 1 down and 4 up. From neutral position, you click the shift lever down to go into first gear, then each time you shift you will click one position (gear) up at a time until you are in 5th gear.

Why won't my manual transmission shift out of first gear or reverse?

There are several things that can cause your manual transmission not to shift out of first gear or reverse. The most common cause is a broken shifting fork.