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check the cad. converter ======================== That's normal if you dive the car "HARD" .. Turbo kicks in and lots of air/fuel => exhaust then too hot

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โˆ™ 2009-05-23 13:31:44
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Q: What would make a 93 talon tsi turbo exhaust manifold to glow red HOT but the car is not over heating and it still runs good and it has a new cadillac converter please any help?
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Can you use jb weld on a cracked exhaust manifold?

You can try, but it will not stay. The heating and cooling of the manifold will cause the JB weld to fall off.You can try, but it will not stay. The heating and cooling of the manifold will cause the JB weld to fall off.

Does intake manifold affects the heating system in the car?

Intake or inlet manifold has nothing to do with the heating of the car. Newaz.

What may be the cause of over heating and water coming out the manifold of 2001-2003 izuzu rodeo sport already changed the thermostat?

if it's coming out the exhaust manifold it could be a blown head gasket or cracked head.

Where is the heating shield located on 1999 ford contour?

The heat shield on the engine is located on the front of the engine over the exhaust manifold. It is on top of the engine just behind the radiator.

What are the step by step instructions to replace the bank one oxygen sensor in a 1999 Chevy Cavalier Z24?

These are most difficult to remove.Caution must be used. There are 2 of them.One in the exhaust manifold(upstream) and another in the exhaust pipe past the Catalytic Converter(downstream). Bank 1 refers to the first one.That one is in the exhaust manifold and MOST IMPOSSIBLE to remove.But,you must run the car to get it hot,it will not come out cold.It may be advisible to remove the manifold and use a vise, heating torch and some tough love or you may end up breaking the manifold or mounting studs on the cylinder head. As much as the O2 sensors cost it is cheaper to go to a salvage yard and get the whole manifold.They are not in the scrap yard because of a bad 02 sensor. Good Luck and dont feel bad if things bust in a zillion pieces,that happens alot.

Why does your catilac converter heat up so brigth red it is a 1989 Jeep Cherokee?

I dont quite understand the question, but if it is what i think it is, then the reason a catalytic converter heats up very hot is because it is a component that uses exhaust fumes, and ehaust fumes are hot as they are the end result of an explosion that happened in the engine, therefore heating up its surroundings and making the catalytic converter hot. a catalytic converter glowing red is normal, and even in my 50cc moped (which was new) the catalytic converter glowed red, so for one in a car engine, that doesnt surprise me (far more exhaust fumes).

Is there an easy way to remove the manifold from a 2000 Mercury Sable?

Not enough specifics here to provide direct answers... Like which manifold?Upper intakeLower intakeExhaust (front & rear)Even vacuum manifold for the heating and cooling (like when the heater gets stuck on defrost)Rephrasing of this question to identify the manifold in question, or pose a new, more detailed question, including the year & engine size of the vehicle.

What causes Over heating on a scenic 1999?

the exhaust and the seats.

Is the 02 sensor connected to the vent solenoid?

O2 (oxygen) sensors come in pairs. One is placed before the catalytic converter to get an exhaust reading for unused fuel vapors. The other is placed after the converter to measure the same. The on board computer compares the two readings to make sure the converter is working (heating up to burn unused gas vapors for cleaner emissions).

What is exhaust recirculation system ad what does it do?

Automotive, the exhaust gas is recirculated to burn the gas that didn't get burned completely the first time. Home heating, the exhaust is recirculated to recover the heat from it to help heat the home. This reduces the overall cost of heating.

Why does smoke billow from under engine after short run and ignition is switched off its not overheating could it be the supplementary heating?

I would pop the hood when the car is running and see where the smoke is coming from. My bet is oil or coolant leaking onto the exhaust manifold

Can you drill holes in catalytic converter to help from overheating?

no if theres a hole , it broken . why is it over heating and how do you know its over heating, you cant look at it?

Where is location of 02 sensor for 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier?

There should be 2 of them. Upstream and downstream. Upstream means before the catalytic converter(usally screwed into the exhaust maifold) and downstream after the catalytic converter(usally in the exhaust pipe) I have seen in some repair manuals it is located inside the computer,but I have never found one there. Look on your exhaust system first. And they are a REAL PAIN to get out. So dont be discouraged if you mess somthing up, or pay someone that has a heating tourch and knows lots of cuss words. Good Luck with this painfull project....

What is heat shield on catalytic converter?

A heat shield deflects the heat given off the catalytic converter from over heating surrounding parts or panels.

What is the heating line called on the back of the intake manifold on my 93 silverado?

It is the heater core hose.

Engine exhaust industry domestic heating and volcanic eruptions are all sources of?


Can you get headaches from bad catalytic converter?

I wonder the same thing. I just got a CEL for a bad catalyst - low bank 1. And I've never gotten these random headaches, which appear when exhaust enters my car. So my guess would be yes. Especially if you notice random test from under car at random times, but no over heating. Could just be a leak somewhere in your exhaust system.

What would cause cracks to occur in the exhaust manifold of an aircraft?

I can think of two factors that would cause manifold cracks. One is the constant heating (expansion) and cooling (contraction) of the manifold, and the second is the vibration. These two factors both result in metal fatigue and are the likely cause of most failures. Perhaps there are experts in metal fatigue out there who would like to weigh in with a more informed response. == I've had some experience with Fatigue, but I'm no expert. I would not expect the manifold to fail due to fatigue as that implies it is under cyclic loading. The heat cycles can be a factor but that is a thermal problem and not a loading problem. I would expect that it has to do with heat cycles and rapid cooling due to something like rain hitting the exhaust. Custermen

How do you know if its a problem with the valve cover or if it actually the head gasket?

White smoke from the exhaust, loss of coolant with no apparent leak, oil level overfull, engine over heating, and a white foamy substance on the underside of the oil fill cap and /or dipstick all indicate a blown head gasket. A leaking valve cover will just cause a loss of oil and possible smoking from the oil dripping on the exhaust manifold.

What causes over heating in 96 Cadillac Seville sls?

There are a couple of reasons why a 1996 Cadillac Seville SLS may overheat. The coolant may be low or the thermostat needs to be replaced.

Why is your overdrive light blinking in your 1996 ford explorer?

If it is outting off a code 741 it is your touqe converter, over heating.

Where are the O2 sensors on the 97 Ford Aerostar?

On my 1988, O2 sensor is threaded into side of exhaust pipe underneath near transmission. When I changed it, it was difficult to remove. I had to keep heating the exhaust pipe with a torch to get it out.

What could cause a Windstar to have no heat and blow smoke?

A blown headgasket. The anti freeze gets into the exhaust, gets heated up by the catalytic converter and blows smoke out of the exhaust pipe. The reason that you don't have heat is because the antifreeze/water is leaking into the combustion chamber.Another thought...If the 'smoke' is actually vapors coming through the heating/cooling ducts, that could be a leaking heater core. See "Related Questions" below for more

1994 Camaro Over heating for a unknown reason?

Thermostat, or head gasket... Head gasket if you see white smoke from your exhaust.

Why is my gas dryer not heating up?

It could be caused by a damaged heating element. You should have the heating element checked by a professional. Try cleaning the dryer first. Remove lint clogging the exhaust vent. Overheating in the washer might cause the heating element to shut off safely. Also check if the dryer is plugged correctly.