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Well when you hit a certain speed some cars have governers that make it so that you can not exceed a certain speed and in some instances a certain RPM

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Q: What would make a car lose acceleration and kick out of gear while still running at 85 mph?
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When an engine is in "idle" it is taking over by itself without any acceleration (or load) being applied. This the "idle RPM" would be the number of revolutions it makes per minute while running at "idle".

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What would make inside smell like gas i after burst of acceleration on infiniti j 30?

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Why would the battery gauge drop while car is running?

If it is your voltmeter that drops while the vehicle is running. Most likely the alternator isn't putting out enough volts.

What causes engine hesitation on acceleration in a 1996 dodge Dakota?

It is important to have a well working car while on the road. The lack of fuel getting to the engine would cause hesitation on acceleration,

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