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Why would a 2001 ford f150 cargo and interior light stay on when doors are closed and headlights are off?

why would a 1995 ford f150 interior and cargo lights stay on with the doors closed ?

Interior lights are alway on jeep?

Check all the door and light switches, they are turned on by twisting the light switch to the left, also the pin switches on the doors will activate the cabin lights.

Why do the interior lights light up inside a Volkswagen beetle?

Well they are interior lights. Usually lights light up (assuming there is power to them and they aren't burnt out.

What are interior lights?

Lights inside the car. Dome light, courtesy light, etc.

Which fuses are for the 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Dome Light?

Fuse number 4 disconnects the doors switch from turning on the interior lights

Why wont your interior lights come on when you open the doors in your 2000 Saturn LS?

The interior light switch on the ceiling of the car might have them turned off, or there may be some electrical short causing the problem.

Why do no interior lights come on when doors are opened in 1999 suburban but lights do work in overide position?

Look on your dash close to your headlamp switch, may be a rocker type switch with a light bulb symble , that is your dome light overide sw.

Why is it that your screen where there is the speedometer n stuff never light up even tho its at night?

There is a knob on your dashboard that you can turn to set the brightness of your dash lights and interior lights. If you have this knob turned all the way down, the interior light will not come on when you open the doors, and your dashboard lights will be dark. If this is not the solution to your problem, look for a blown fuse in your fuse box.

Why do my courtesy lights stay on all the time on my 2000 grand prix?

Either the light switch is set to have the interior lights on or one of your doors is not closing properly (or at least the sensor thinks it isn't closed).

What happen with the interior light of the Jeep if the doors are not closed?

It stays on

Is there a way to temporarily disable all interior lights in the Ford Explorer XLT so they don't come on when the doors are open?

locate the fuse to the interior lights and remove it. On our 98 Explorer you turn the dash light adjustment switch off, next to the headlight switch.

Why Peugeot 206 interior light flashes?

When the interior light flashing, check all doors, they might be open or not shut tightly.

Interior lights will not go out when doors are shut on my 96 ford explorer?

Check your guage light dimmer wheel ( just to the right of your headlight switch ) to see if it has been rotated all the way up - that turns on your interior lights. Also , if you are getting a door ajar warning light in your gauge cluster you could have a door ajar switch sticking inside one of your doors , liftgate , or for the liftgate glass

Interior light stays on when all doors are shut 96 jeep grand Cherokee?

Two possibilities; the dash switch is set to ON that operates the interior lights, or one or more of the switches that detect a door open has failed.

How do you turn on the interior lights in a punto?

The interior light on my (01 reg) Punto is the light itself. It operates as a 3 position rocker switch:- 1) Light on all the time (LHS pushed up) 2) Light comes on when doors open ( Centre posn) 3) Light off all the time (RHS pushed up)

If the interior and parking lights on my 99 Nissan pathfinder are not working which fuse do you check?

If the interior and parking lights are not working on a 1999 Nissan Pathfinder, the first fuses to check would be the interior light fuse. Also check to make sure the light switch is in the right position to allow the interior lights to come on.

Why wont the running lights and interior lights go off?

you probably have a bad door light switch in your car, you need to check ever switch in the system its 5 ( 4 doors an a tail gate) I bet you one is defective.

Why don't interior lights go on when I open car doors in 2005 Chrysler T and C?

Check the position of the manual switch on the main light first, it may be in the OFF position

Why do the interior lights stay on all the time on a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwod brougham?

could be numerous reasons, such a bad courtesy light switch on either of the 4 doors, a grounded courtesy switch wire, or possibly an entry module fault ( when you push in the lock button, and the interior lights come on ) . Good luck

Why do interior lights go on when brake is applied?

There probably is only one cause for your interior lights to go on when you apply the brakes. There probably are brake light wires and interior wires that have warned together.

How are you supposed to shut the interior lights off in a 2004 Wrangler when you take the doors off?

Some Wrangler models, (at least 2005 and up, maybe more), have a fuse labeled, "Door switch defeat." Fuses are behind the glove box door. Remove that fuse and the interior light will stay off, BUT, you can still turn the interior lights on manually. I'd suggest taping the fuse inside your glove box door so it' will be handy to replace when you replace the doors.

How do you replace the dashboard lights in a 1998 Ford Expedition?

Check engine light is out

Why does Discovery td5 interior light not work when doors open?

because the bulb is blown !

How can I turn off the interior lights in a 1997 Ford Explorer?

Just to the right of your headlight switch is a dimmer wheel for your gauge lighting If the dimmer wheel has been rotated all the way up , your interior courtesy lights will stay on ( even with your doors closed ) If your interior lights are on with a door ajar indicator light on in your gauge cluster , either a door ,your liftgate , or your liftgate glass is not closed or you have a sticking door ajar switch (Helpfull)

How can you make the interior lights and dash light and cigarette light work in 1992 buick regal?


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