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no fluid in reservoir due to leaking reservoir or slave cylinder

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Q: What would make the clutch stay to the floor on a 1984 4x4 Toyota truck?
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How does a clutch break work?

If a truck has a clutch brake it would only be used when coming to a complete stop. By pushing the clutch peddle completely to the floor you would apply the clutch brake. This stops the clutch disc from spinning making it easier to shift into 1st or reverse gear. Normal shifting while driving you would not need to or want to push the clutch peddle to the floor to activate the clutch brake.

Why would the clutch pedal on a 1986 Toyota Corolla go all the way to the floor and the car cannot shift into gear.?

It sounds like the clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder has gone bad.These are not that expensive to replace.

Which would have greater acceleration if the same force was applied to a Semi Truck or a Toyota?

The Toyota would have more acceleration a= F/m if the mass of the of the Semi Truck is greater than the mass of the Toyota.

Where can one purchase floor mats that would fit in a Toyota Tacoma?

One can purchase floor mats that would fit in a Toyota Tacoma by going to the Carid website. Also, AutoAnything and Amazon sell Toyota Tacoma floor mats too.

What is wrong when the clutch goes all the way to the floor very easily?

I would say air in the line, or you need a new clutch

How do you adjust a clutch on a 1984 4x4 Toyota truckWhat would make the clutch stay to the floor on a 1984 4x4 Toyota truck?

Well your clutch should be a hydraulic clutch system and if your pedal is stuck on the floor that would mean that there is possibly no fluid in your reservoir. The system might also need to be bled. To do this you need to fill your reservoir with fluid (brake fluid). Your reservoir is located on the left side of your brake master cylinder. On the right side of the transmission you will see your slave cylinder for your clutch. It will have a hard hydraulic line going into it, (looks like a brake line), and on that slave cylinder there is a little nipple that you can put a 8mm wrench on. Okay now for the bleeding process. You will need a buddy for this. Have your buddy sit in the driver seat and hold the clutch to the floor. When he has it all the way to the floor, open up that nipple and let the fluid, (or air), out. When the pressure slows tighten the nipple back up. Have your buddy let the clutch back out and repeat the process until you dont have any air coming out of that nipple. Should look like a solid stream of fluid with no bubbles. You may have to fill your reservoir half way through the process.

Would the clutch pedal going to the floor and staying on the floor be just the clutch going out or what could it be if so and how do you replace the clutch on a 2001 Maxima?

You should not attempt to replace the clutch yourself unless you have considerable mechanical skills. In this case, the problem is most likely that the spring holding the clutch pedal in place is broken.

94 Toyota truck transmission work in a 86 Toyota truck?

A manual can; an automatic will not, as the 94 transmission will be electronically controlled, whereas the 86 would be mechanically controlled.

On a 1990 Isuzu Amigo what would cause the clutch pedal to stick to the floor?

if its hydraulic there could be air in your line. bleed your clutch and refill.

What would cause a 2000 Toyota Tacoma to surge at idle and while driving?

maybe the clutch

What would cause the truck not to shift properly?

There could be a number of reasons why your truck will not shift properly. There could be something wrong with your clutch or transmission.

Why would clutch fluid leak out on a 88 Toyota corolla?

Bad clutch slave cylinder or failed soft hose from master to slave cylinder.

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