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I would check the wire harness and conectors to the doors because the poswer locks, windows, and mirrors are all conected through that harness.

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Does GMC make Pontiac?

Pontiac was owned by GM. They closed Pontiac down in 2010.

What is a union of a simple closed curve with its interior?


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A polygon is a closed plane figure bounded by straight sides. Since it is a closed surface, it has an interior (inside) and an exterior (outside). The interior angle of a polygon is the angle formed by two adjacent sides such that the angle is facing the interior of the polygon.

What happen with the interior light of the Jeep if the doors are not closed?

It stays on

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How can you keep birds off a car's side-view mirrors?

Park in a closed garage.

Why would a 2001 ford f150 cargo and interior light stay on when doors are closed and headlights are off?

why would a 1995 ford f150 interior and cargo lights stay on with the doors closed ?

Are banks closed Monday July 5 2010?

some are working some are closed

What Do You Do When A Trunk Closer On A 1993 Buick park avenue Stops Working And No Fuses Are Blown?

i had the same problem couldn't figure it out and one day i caused the interior lights and electric mirrors to short out the trunk has closed ever since . my sun visor broke it was driving me crazy so i took it down when i did i cut the wires like an idiot which caused the short but it fixed the trunk sorry its not a real fix but it worked

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Will Pontiac make another car?

no, the last dealer closed late October 2010

What is open cell layout?

A closed interior design which sepertates each worker in a office

What can you do if a 99 Chevy Malibu lights come on when the door is closed and the engine is off killing battery?

First verify that you do not have the interior lights switched on using the panel (instrument illumination) dimmer switch. Verify that door switches are working normally and doors are closed. Then, if all of that is well and you do not have any damaged wiring, replace the BCM. Also, you could pull the fuse out, but then you wouldn't have any interior lights. Ditto if you pull the bulb out.

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The Bureau of Mines was closed by the government in early 1996. There is no department that operates it at this point. When it was operating, it was a part of the federal government.Interiorinterior :)

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In the interior there is one octahedral hole for every sphere.

Where might you find special disposable bag-covers to protect car side mirrors while you are painting the car?

plastic shopping bags work just fine if ends are taped closed after placing over mirrors. and they are free

How do you replace the hood release cable on a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire?

If it is broken and the hood closed take it to the body shop.

What is a closed cube mathematical?

A cube is a 3-dimensional object - a polyhedron, each of whose edges has the same length. A closed cube includes not only the interior but also the surfaces.

Why would the interior lights stay on in a 1984 corvette?

Interior lights often stay on after the door is closed because of a faulty relay. There could also be a broken wire or a short circuit.

What year did Gilley's close in Houston TX?

Gilley's closed in 1989 and a fire destroyed the interior the same year.

How do you turn the interior lights on in 2004 ford expedition Eddie Bauer?

I believe if you turn your gauge panel dimmer switch all the way it turns on the interior lights when all the doors are closed