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What would the cause be of white smoke coming from under the hood of a 2003 Ford Focus SE?

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The car could be overheating or have a coolant leak.

2006-09-04 23:24:43
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Q: What would the cause be of white smoke coming from under the hood of a 2003 Ford Focus SE?
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Sweet smelling smoke is coming from under the hood of your car what could cause this?

Probably a coolant leak.

What is that steam or smoke you see coming from under monster trucks blow by?

built up heat coming out engine breather tubes on the motor!

Smoke under the hood?

If you see smoke coming from under the hood of your vehicle this indicates a serious problem. Your car is overheating, this could be because of low coolant in the radiator or another problem with the radiator.

What would cause a Mazda Protege to smoke after idling for about five minutes?

Where is the smoke coming from? If it's the engine you may have bad valve covers or something is burning up from under the hood. Check the source and check it fast. If it comes from the tailpipe you may have a catalytic converter problem.

Why is car not over heating but whitegray smoke is coming out from under hood?

White or gray smoke coming out from under the hood of a car could be the result of a small water leak spraying water on a hot engine. A running engine is naturally hot enough to create steam when water hits it.

What if is smoke coming from under your engine in a 1989 camaro RS V6?

You probably have an oil leak from your motor on to your exhaust system.

What could cause white smoke to appear under the hood of a 1994 Plymouth Villager?

Coolant leak.

There is smoke coming from the front and under the hood and wter leaking from under car what is the diagnostic?

the reason why smoke is coming from your engine is because it is on fire And the water is from the ac ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assuming that the engine is running and warmed up , it sounds like you have a leak in a heater hose or radiator hose , or somewhere else there is a leak in the engine coolant system

What is the cause of excessive oil consumption in a 2004 Chevy Malibu?

If you have blue-gray smoke coming out of the exhaust, then you have worn or damaged piston rings, or valve seals. If the smoke is excessive, a major engine overhaul will be necessary. If no blue-gray smoke is coming out of the exhaust, then look for a worn/damaged oil pan gasket, or a loose oil pan plug, or a loose oil filter. In either of these cases, you should see oil spots on the ground under the car.

What could cause a 1998 ford contour to loose water and smoke under the hood?

You have a blown head gasket

Smoke coming from under the hood?

The emanation from smoke from the under the hood should be treated as a possible emergency. The vehicle should immediately pull over to safe area. Smoke causes can range from a minor oil spill on hot engine/exhaust surfaces to major cooling systems and to highest severity engine fires.

What might cause a 1995 Dodge Neon to smoke under the hood near the intake valve?

that would be a head gasket

What would cause smoke from under the hood then have no power at all?

Elictrical fire or burnt out relay. Look for physical signs of fire, burnt wires. Where there's smoke there's fire

Why does a car engine smoke and smell?

It depends on what color of smoke and how it smells. The question is somewhat vague. However, if the smoke is white it is due to burning oil. Black is from burning gasoline. If the smoke is coming from the exhaust pipe then you either have leaking valves or oil is blowing past the piston rings, both are significant problems. If the smoke is coming from under the hood the most likely issue would be leaking valve covers or a leaking PCV valve. Hope this helps, if not give some specifics on the smoke and I can better help you.

On a Honda 1998 accord smoke was coming out from under the hood of the car. Did I burn up the engine?

add water or anti-freeze coolant

What is the difference between the focus and the epicenter of an earthquake?

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Can bad spark plugs cause smoking from under the hood of a car?

Not likely. Smoke from under the hood denotes a leak. Either your coolant or oil is leaking. White, thick smoke is oil. Could just be a gasket. Thinner hazy smoke is coolant. Check your hoses. Look for fluids/wet spots. Bad plugs can missfire, and make your exhaust smoke.

What are possible causes of a very loud constant noise in a ford focus 2003?

Not enough info. What kind of noise? Coming from where? Under what situation(s) does it occur?

There is water on the floor under the passanger seat of my ford focus where is it coming from?

Sounds like your heater coil is leaking, or the drains in the cowl air pickup are clogged.

What does the fine focus knob on a microscope do?

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What is the cause of smoke from the bumper of a car?

The only way a bumper can create smoke is is it is trailing on the ground. There are no 'mechanical' parts in a bumper. The end of the tailpipe is probably located right under the bumper and what you are seeing is smoke from the exhaust system. You should have the vehicle checked out as smoke from the exhaust is usually not a good thing.

Why is there A burning smell is coming from under the hood of my mazada mp3 with white smoke?

white smoke = Leaking water (anti-freeze) head gasket, bad water pump... cracked block... p blue smoke = burning oil i would suggest a leaking head gasket

Is it safe to drive a 1994 eagle vision esi when smoke is coming out of the vents There is no smoke coming anywhere under the hood when looked at only from the vents you believe this also only happens?

When A/C is on? if so could be a/c not working properly not enough refrigerant charge or pressure switch not working. If not related to A/C???

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If i spilled oil while putting it my car can it cause my car to smoke under the hood?

Yes It should all burn off eventualy.