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You either leave him or be there for him. That is a decision you have to make yourself.

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Q: What would you do if something happened to your boyfriend?
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What does it mean when my boyfriend can't look me in the eye?

maybe something happened between you two or something else

What should you do when your ex wants you back but your boyfriend is great to you?

First, think of this in this way; your ex is not your current boyfriend for a reason, something happened, and that something may happen again and if it does you will have none.

How do you say sorry to a boyfriend if it wasn't your fault?

If it isn't your fault, honey why would you apologize?! To do so will let him run over you. You can say you are sorry something happened, but don't accept responsibility for something you didn't do.

Why would a girl be nervous around her ex-boyfriend?

She may still be trying to impress him because she still has feelings for him. Or maybe something that happened in their relationship embarasses her and she is scared to face him. Or if he was abusive she could be nervous that he would hurt her again. Hope this helps!

What does 2005 mean in a dream?

something happened that would forever change your life in 2005 something happened that would forever change your life in 2005

What is the gift that you gave to your boyfriend suggest?

A gift you should give your boyfriend is:a) something nice and thoughtfulb) something they would be interested inc) and nothing feminine

Why would your daughter want you to tell her boyfriend it was over between them?

Because something might have happened, so she looks up to you to end her relationship because she might not be able to end it herself.

What would my boyfriend like for his birthday?

Baseball game tickets. something HE would like not you. ~Emily

Is it blackmail to tell someone that their boyfriend is cheating?

No. Blackmail would be if you went to the boyfriend and threatened to tell on him unless he paid you something.

Why would a girl hurt her boyfriend?

its probably because she loves someone else or she found out something about her boyfriend she should not have known

What would we do if something happened to Google and we couldn't Google what happened to Google?

Use Bing

Is Katy perry's song the one that got away based on something that really happened to her?

yes, her boyfriend broke up with her.

Would flowers be fine as a birthday gift to your boyfriend?

If your boyfriend is heterosexual it is a nice thought but best if you get him something he would like and prefer. A DVD or CD - think of his interests and get something that he would appreciate. If your boyfriend is a homosexual then the above mentioned is always good and flowers would be equally accepted. If your boyfriend is into gardening, flowers, or horticulture than a rare flower or plant may be the way to go or their favorite of course.

Why would an old boyfriend still try to see you?

An old boyfriend of yours would still try to see you if he still likes you, or if you still have something that belongs to him that he would like you to return. Possibly both.

Where can you buy your friend a boyfriend?

A boyfriend is not something you can buy. You have to earn trust to get a boyfriend.

Does a guy like you if he says If I was your boyfriend I would do this for you and then say something he would do?

i would say by the sounds of it he 'lusts' you! i would say by the sounds of it he 'lusts' you!

What would be a good 18th birthday gift idea for a girl with a budget of 10?

If this gift is from a boyfriend, I would suggest something sentimental, something you creatd yourself, or something you put a lot of thought into.

What would I buy my boyfriend for Christmas?

What does he like? I don't have much money, but boy if I did, I'd buy him something real special....but I don't know your boyfriend....

What do you get your boyfriend of eight months for Christmas?

You would need to get him something personal or something that ranges from 20-60 pounds and just hope he gets you something awesome !

How would you use postbellum in a sentence?

Postbellum is something that happened after a war.

How do you get a boyfriend on moviestar planet?

what you do is click on the guy you would like to be your boyfriend. Then when there picture comes up there is a small tab at the bottom that says something like *ask to be your boyfriend* then they will either except or deny.

Would it be bad if you didn't buy something for your boyfriend for valentines?

This question doesn't even exist.

What would be a good first date with your first boyfriend?

it depends. Find what you have in common and do something related to that.

How do you get back at someone when they kissed your boyfriend?

Easily do something you promised you would never do. like tell her deepest darkest secret.. No that's wrong... if you are single and she has a boyfriend kiss him....and tell her that payback sucks..or do something that she hates.

What would you get your eleven year old boyfriend for chistmas?

I would get my eleven year old boyfriend a picture of me and him and a shirt or pair of pants. Or if ur really good at artistic things make him something!!