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What year 134a coolant started?


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134a first came on some new cars in 1992. By 1995 all cars had it

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Standard R-134a coolant will damage an R-22 coolant system because they are chemically different. They also have different characteristics for pressure and freezing point.

YES--now days 134a coolant is used in all systems.

R-134a refrigerent was what it came with, therfore no conversion is necessary.

R-134a ( I believe since the 1994 Ford Explorer model year )

If I remember correctly 1993 vehicles had R-134A installed at factory

1995 and later models use R-134a refrigerant.

The R-134a is used to recharge the AC units on your car. This is a bottle of compressed R-134a that will work in recharging the system it still has coolant remaining. If not the system willed need to be vacuumed to remove air and moisture before recharging.

No, but it will effect the heater. The only fluid that will effect the AC will be your refrigerant known as R-134a

HFC 134a chemical name CH2FCF3(Tetrafluoroethane)

It uses red, five year, hoat type coolant.It uses red, five year, hoat type coolant.

Yes. That is the ONLY refrigerant you should use in ANY vehicle with a model year of 1995 or later.

There is no patent on R-134a, only on methods of producing and using it.

I believe 1993 models used R-134A

No. Per the EPA website, there is no sales restrictions on R-134a.

That is a reference to automotive freon type 134a

Don't confuse engine coolant and air conditioning refrigerant. Engine coolant is Dex cool- Do not use any other kind as the sensors in the system will read differently with the wrong coolant and make incorrect adjustments in your system. Air conditioning refrigerant in your car is R-134a.

The 1993 Aerostar does not use R-134a. It uses R-12.

The factory coolant is a red, five year, HOAT type coolant.

Yes, but it is better if you can use the specified coolant for the year.

A 2000 Ford Excursion would be ( 134a ) in the air conditioning system

first of all you better check to see that your system has been converted to R-134 as back in 1973 they used R-12 coolant.

Freon is a coolant/refrigerant used in A/C's or refrigerators to cool the air. It is illegal in some states so check before use. California mandates R-134a as a alternative.

1996,1995 was the last year ,but you can covert it to 134a.

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