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What year did black slaves go to America?

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Pretty sure it's 1619. I learned it in an AP US History course.

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What year did slaves go to America?

They really didn't "go" they were taken! From the late 1500's to the middle 1800's

Did the slaves voluntarily go to America?

Not at all. They were forced to become slaves and work for the whites.

Where did most of the slaves from Africa go?

on a boat to America

What countries did slaves mostly go to?

went to America

What is the significance of the 1st slaves coming to America?

The first black slaves in America where actually indentured servants and only had to work for 7 years. Then people started to just not let them go because the couldn't speak on there own behalf and then people found that you could make money and get free labor from slaves and that started a spark in the age of slaves. I hope I answered your question.

When did African slaves first go to America?

A few short years after Columbus discovered America (In 1441, the first slaves were brought to Portugal from northern Mauritania.)

What language do Liberians speak in Liberia?

They speak English. Liberians mainly descended from America slaves who wanted to go back to Africa. America slaves spoke English.

How long did it take the slaves to go to America on the slave ship?

It took two month's.

Why was slaves doing work?

people wanted other people to do work for them so they called the black people as slaves and told them to go work for them

What happened to slaves when they reached America?

When slaves reached America, they would most likely go up for auction. Many slaves were in familys and there family would all be sold to different people some would be to lend, which means they were paid every so many months but the slaves were not fully there's

Where did slaves go when they reached America?

Plantations and manors, pretty much anywhere that needed workers

Why Harriet Tubman was a role model?

because she helped other black slaves to go to FREEDOM!

How do you get the mezmetron in fallout 3?

Go to paradise falls and speak with a black fellow about getting slaves.

Why did slaves go to America and what for?

When the native population declined, slaves were brought to America do perform work that Europeans wouldn't do. Africans were considered desirable for this purpose because they were easily distinguished from Europeans, were not Christians, and had no national government to protect them.

How did first slaves begin?

slaves begin with black people cuz white people didint like them and they were force to work.

Why didnt the black slaves go against the white man?

watch ROOTS the mini series, you will understand.

What year did christopher columbus go to america?


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Where did Leif go in the year 1002?

North America.

What year did the knights templer arrive in America?

They Didn't arrive in America. They were from Europe so they didn't go to America

Why did many run away slaves go to Canada IN THE 1850?

Canada have a lot of opportunity for black people and slave

What is the meaning of the Year of Jubilee?

It means that the year of jubilee was celebrated in Jerusalem and no tax's would be payed and the slaves would be let go.

Who forced slaves to go fight in the civil war?

No one made slaves go in to war. Slaves chose whether to go in war or not.

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