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Q: What year did martin Luther finish the German bible?
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Related questions

When did Martin Luther translate the Bible?

Martin Luther translated the Bible into German in 1519-1522.

What did Martin Luther translate?

Luther translated the Latin Bible into German

Martin Luther translated the Bible into what language?


What did martin Luther invent?

he translated the bible to german

Who translated the bible from latin into German?

Martin Luther

Did Martin Luther translate the Bible from Latin to German?


What year did Martin Luther translate the English Bible into German?

He didn't.When Martin Luther (and NOT Martin Luther King) translated the Bible into German, it was from Greek and not English that he worked.The Luther German New Testament translation was pu1blished in 1522. The Old Testament followed in 1534.

What book did Martin Luther the German monk translate into German?

He translated the Bible into German.

Who was the first man to translate the bible into German?

Martin Luther

How long did it take Martin Luther to translate the Bible into German?

Martin Luther took from 1521 (exact date unknown) to September of 1522 to finish the New Testament. The Old Testament was completed in 1534.

What was Martin Luther's major contribution to Protestantism?

Martin Luther's major contribution to German people is the translation of bible to German and in this way helping to improve the German literature.

What were the effects when martin Luther printed the bible in other languages?

Martin Luther translated the Bible into German and printed it. At that time German language material was in demand and Luther's Bible became very popular. Luther's version made the Bible more accessible to the everyday people and it is said to have made a considerable contribution to the development of German language and literature.

What is the value of Martin Luther German Bible?

th evalue is £300,000 no joke

Which German started a new church in Germany and translated the bible into German in the sixteenth century?

Martin Luther.

How did Martin Luther change the world?

Martin Luther changed the world because he started the Protestant religion and translated the bible from latin to german.

When did the German language start?

The official German language came into being as a result of Martin Luther's German Bible in 1534.

What was Martin Luther Achievements?

He was the first to translate the bible into a comonly spoken language (German)

What important activity did martin Luther perform at Wartburg Castle?

he translated the bible into german :)

Who translated the Bible into vernaculor languages?

William Tyndale translated the Bible into the English language. Martin Luther did it into German.

What other things accept the reformation did Martin Luther do?

Martin Luther translated the Bible from Latin to German because mass back then was all held in latin.

Why did Martin Luther rewrite the German bible?

Martin Luther believed that the Catholic Church was sending out the wrong message through their interpretation of the Bible. He also believed it was unfair to the vast majority of Germans that didn't read Latin. In turn, he translated the Bible into German so that people would be able to interpret the Bible for themselves.

When did the new testement come out to te public?

The Luther Bible, a German Bible translation was done by Martin Luther, first printed with both testaments were first printed in 1534.

When did Martin Luther write the Bible?

He did not write the Bible.

Where did Martin Luther get his beliefs?

from the bible...

Who was the Reformation leader who translated the New Testament into German?

Martin Luther, although it should be noted that the Bible had already been translated into German in the Gutenberg Bible over 40 years earlier (but those translators were not Reformation leaders). Luther was responsible for the first German Protestant Bible.